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Taskforces and child projects:

Welcome to Taskforce: European Space Agency (ESA) of WikiProject Europe. ESA covers the main article about the European Space Agency, articles about its present past and future projects, articles about its preceding organisations (ESRO and ELDO), articles about its facilities, launch systems.

Also, see WikiProject Spaceflight for similar topics.


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  2. Ssolbergj (talk · contribs)
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  4. 007fan28 (talk · contribs)
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To do[edit]

  • Tag all ESA articles, review class and importance ratings of existing tags.
  • Improve organisation and coverage of articles.
  • Bring core articles up to GA status.
  • Comment on ESA-related articles up for deletion.
  • Invite users active in this area to join the Task Force.

How to tag ESA articles?[edit]

  • Add the project template to the article talk page (just copy paste and replace the example):
{{WikiProject Europe|ESA=yes|ESA-importance=example|class=example|importance=example}}
  • Add {{ESA-stub}} to the bottom of stub articles requiring expansion.

Instructions on how to determine the class of an article are available here. As for importance: articles on present and future activities of ESA take priority over those which cover its past. Human spaceflight and flagship projects also take priority. Feel free to change or add to this criteria.

Top priorities[edit]

Thank you for joining the ESA task force. I think the first thing we should concentrate on is the main article on the European Space Agency. As things stand it's in bad shape. I'm currently working on history. There is a lot of information about ESA on the internet, particularly the ESA web site. There's a lot of things that need to be done. To begin with:

  • the head paragraph of Member countries and structure needs to be rewritten
  • the Budget section has to be updated and expanded
  • the Facilities section needs to give a general description of each ESA facility
  • the Launch vehicle fleet section needs to be updated
  • the Cooperation section needs to be expanded
  • sections need to be added:
*add others as you see fit

If anyone is going to take on one of these topics, please say so on the talk page so we can coordinate the effort.


  • ESA publications: a huge information source in the form of pdf documents on ESA programmes
  • Programmes in progress: a pdf file on the current ESA programmes
  • ESA HQ: an extencive article on ESA's headquarters
  • ESTEC: an extencive article on ESTEC
  • ESOC: an overview of ESOC with links to more detailed articles
  • ESRIN: an overview of ESRIN with links to more detailed articles
  • ESTRACK: an overview of ESTRACK with links to more detailed articles
  • ESAC: an overview of ESAC with links to more detailed articles
  • EAC: an overview of EAC with links to more detailed articles
  • CSG: an overview of CSG launch facility with links to more detailed articles