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Welcome to the External links WikiProject, a project dedicated to cleaning up overly long lists of external links and having articles conform to Wikipedia's external links guidelines! We're a relatively small WikiProject, and so we could always use some help. Feel free to sign up and help us out!


The goals of this WikiProject are

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How to help[edit]

The best way to show your support is to participate! This, and adding {{Wikipedia:WikiProject External links/Userbox}} to your userpage allows users to identify you as someone who helps out here, and gain some attention for the project so that others can help out, too.


Be on constant lookout for "linkspam" and adherence to the Wikipedia External links policy by keeping an eye on watchlist articles and Wikipedia:Most vandalized pages. Articles that need work can also be found by looking at random articles.

In some cases it's clear which links are 'spam', while other times it is important to defer to the content/topic experts to help discern which links are informative and useful. This could be done by copying the external links to the talk page for discussion, and for voting keep, delete, or give comments. This is particularly important for controversial topics such as Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dead links[edit]

Many dead links are tagged with a {{dead link}} template. To see a list of articles with dead links, by date, go here. There are many ways to fix them. One way is to find a copy on the Internet Archive. Do this by typing*/ in front of the dead link. The page will display a list of archived versions of that link. Choose one that was archived closest to when your dead link was accessed (i.e. "accessdate = ...").

A useful tool to find, fix, and tag dead links is User:Dispenser/Checklinks.

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Articles that need external links cleanup[edit]

This is a short list of articles that have an excessive external links section, and might require a clean up.

External.svg WikiProject External links
Open Tasks:

  Cleaned articles

If you have cleaned up any articles, add them to this list!


This is a list of places you can look for articles that might require a cleanup.


WikiProject External links  
WikiProject iconWikipedia:WikiProject External links's list of external links is being reviewed as part of WikiProject External links — a quality control effort aimed at keeping the number of links to a reasonable length, and in compliance with Wikipedia External links guidelines. Wikipedia is NOT a link repository.
WikiProject External links tasks you can do:
External.svg WikiProject External links
Open Tasks:
<!--| LINKS. If you think that your link might be useful, do not add it here, |-->
<!--| but put it on this article's discussion page first or submit your link  |-->
<!--| to the appropriate category at the Open Directory Project (|-->
<!--| and link back to that category using the {{dmoz}} template.             |-->
<!--|                                                                         |-->
<!--|           Links that have not been verified WILL BE DELETED.            |-->
<!--|  See [[Wikipedia:External links]] and [[Wikipedia:Spam]] for details    |-->
  • {{Refideas}}, external links moved to article talk page for future improvements
Thank you for joining WikiProject External links, a collaborative effort to have articles comply with Wikipedia's External links guidelines. Below are some ongoing tasks for you to take part in, or you can add a task to do. Another great place to check out is Category:Wikipedia external links cleanup. Happy editing, ~~~~
WikiProject External links tasks you can do:
External.svg WikiProject External links
Open Tasks:


Participants may add this userbox to their user page: {{Wikipedia:WikiProject External links/Userbox}}

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