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Welcome to the Wikipedia:WikiProject Fablehaven page. Our mission is to help expand the knowledge of the Fablehaven books and the series of Fablehaven written by author Brandon Mull. If you would like to join the project, enter your User Name on the Members List.

Total Mission[edit]

This WikiProjects total mission is to make the Fablehaven articles as popular as most of the popular articles and to expand the knowledge of The Fablehaven series and the Fablehaven books.

Members List[edit]

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  4. User:Duits
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  6. User:Aragorn135
  7. Gear50213
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  11. User:Asmym xix

Check out this new blog in honor of Fablehaven. Join us and help us tell the world the mysteries and surprises that come along with Fablehaven.

Sharing Fablehaven Editings[edit]

This is a place where members can post any major edits that they have made relating to the Fablehaven section(S) of Wikipedia. You may also post them on the Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Fablehaven page.


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