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Tagging Articles/References for Reference Checks[edit]

Articles with no references[edit]

For a Wikipedia article that has no citations add the template {{unreferenced}} to the beginning of the article to flag it for review and addition of citations. This will automatically add the article to Category:Articles lacking sources.

Articles based on a single resource[edit]

If the article has only one reference or external link (that is related to the article content) use {{One source}} to put the article in Category:Articles lacking sources

Articles with partial or incomplete[edit]

For a Wikipedia article that has partial sources, add the templates {{Refimprove}} or {{Primary sources}}. This will automatically add the article to Category:Articles needing additional references or Category:Articles lacking reliable references.

Articles with questionable resources[edit]

For a Wikipedia article that has questionable resources, add the templates {{Verify source}} or {{Verify credibility}} to put the article in to Category:Wikipedia articles needing factual verification.

Articles with statements that lack references[edit]

For a Wikipedia article with small numbers of statements lacking references, add the template {{Citation needed}} or {{Citations missing}}. This will automatically add the article to Category:Articles with unsourced statements.

How to Create References[edit]


  1. Type <ref>(My footnote text)</ref> where you would like the footnote number to appear.
  2. Add a "Notes", "References", or "Notes and references" section at the bottom of the article, if one does not already exist. In that section, simply adding "<references/>" or "{{reflist}}" will automatically generate the list of footnotes.

For a more detailed explanation, see Help:Footnotes. Please note that footnotes should generally be placed after the punctuation. Wikiprojects are terrible so we should have this be the last one.


Within a given article, please use a consistent style of referencing that is appropriate for the topic and the sources used. If an article already has numerous citations when you begin working on it, try to agree with the format already in place. There are templates to assist with formatting: see Wikipedia:Citation templates.

Searching and referencing books via Google Book Search[edit]

Google Book Search gives us the veracity of published books, and the convenience of online sources. It is available to search at . For example, to search for mentions of Michael Ledeen in printed books, use the following Google search: "Michael Ledeen" on google books. You should find scanned pages from the book.

When you find books on Google Books, don't link directly to that page. Instead, include a standard reference (author, title, ISBN) in the usual book format.

Also, you could use the {{findsources}} template, for example, {{findsources|Michael Ledeen}} produces Find sources: "Michael Ledeen" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · HighBeam · JSTOR · free images · free news sources · The Wikipedia Library · NYT · WP reference.

Tools for adding references quickly and easily[edit]