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Robert Cedric Sherriff[1][2][3][4] (6 June 1896[1][5] [4][3]13 November 1975[1] [3][4]) was an English[4] writer[4].

Early life[edit]

Sherriff was either born in Kingston upon Thames[1][4], Hampton Wick[2][3], or Esher[6]. He was educated at Kingston Grammar School[5] in Kingston upon Thames[3], and worked in an insurance office before[3] (1914[4]) and after[7][5] (1918 to 1928[4]) serving (1915 to 1918[4]) as a captain[8][1][3][5] in the 9th[9] East Surrey Regiment[5] in World War I[1][3]. He was wounded at Passchendaele[9][10].


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