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About us[edit]

This project aims to expand Wikipedia's fashion coverage.

If you would like to help, feel free to add yourself to the list of participants, or just look over the How you can help section below. Also of interest is the Fashion Portal associated with this project.

Articles Articles covered by this WikiProject[edit]

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How you can help[edit]

1. Tag and assess fashion articles[edit]

If you see untagged fashion articles, add {{WikiProject Fashion}} to their talk pages. When you tag articles, it's best if you also assess them and rate their importance. See the template documentation for more information. We also need experienced editors to assess tagged articles that haven't been assessed yet--see Category:Unassessed fashion articles.

2. Improve our most important articles[edit]

3. Other tasks[edit]

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4. Monitor article alerts[edit]

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Below are Fashion WikiProject members and their special interests. If you are interested in helping, please add yourself to the list!

  Name   Special Interests
Antique Rose I'm interested in improving and correcting the fashion articles. My interest is mainly focused on women's clothing.
Alex Shih Haute couture; elevating high fashion brands articles to featured status
Calliopejen1 Interested in improving the (often quite terrible!) fashion coverage on Wikipedia. Figured I would start this up to try to coordinate others' efforts. If anyone can help with this WikiProject, it would be much appreciated!
Daniel Case It's about time ... not only for this project but for the first male user on this list. I am sort of accidentally here, as a result of developing The Devil Wears Prada, and subsequently Anna Wintour, which I hope to make the first FA and GA in this project soon. Our fashion coverage has been horrible ... I think Wintour has the only decent biography of any fashion person; I've had to create or upgrade quite a few articles, and that's what I see myself doing mainly — biographies. We should also give some attention to Vogue.
Geraldshields11 I am interested in the economics of fashion and haute couture.
Grumpylawnchair I like writing about historical garments with a specialisation in circa 1800-1900's men's garments.
HeatherSmithfield I'm interested in Victorian fashion
James Santiago I am interested in helping out by contributing photos that may be used to give more visual content to fashion related articles. I have realized that is is not easy to get the rights to use photos even though there are people who just need a visualization of a concept mentioned on Wikipedia. All of my photo contributions from various runway shows and fashion shoots. All work from my site is cc-by-nc-4-0 and is fairly easy to use here because models sign blanket waivers that their likeness will be used across multiple forms of media.
Johnbod Really only historical stuff, and nearly all medieval (yes they had fashion too!). Also textiles a bit, especially early printed ones.
Julissen Interest : improving British and European fashion information and biographies.
JuneGloom07 My interest is improving the biographies of fashion designers. I've already got Giles Deacon up to GA and I hope to get Alexander McQueen up to GA too. I've also set my sights on improving Ben de Lisi and Gareth Pugh.
krushdiva I too love fashion and excited to contribute and improve fashion articles
Libby norman I'm interested in improving coverage of fashion on Wiki – I think it gets a hard time from some editors who don't seem to think it's 'serious'. I've added a few articles – including Stephen Marks, Joseph Ettedgui, Joseph (fashion brand) and BodyMap – which probably tells you I'm in a timewarp. I've also passed and improved a few others. I hope I can help nurture and improve across the board, although these days I am mostly wearing wellies and something warm.
lisacarolinamartinez I am a freelance fashion writer who has covered fashion weeks on three continents. With all the information on Wikipedia, I am disappointed not to see more fashion content. I aim to change that. I would love to not only increase our content, but enhance it as well with photos and video content. I want us to be a reference for fashion-related articles just as we are for other categories. I would like to contribute runway and red carpet coverage as well as more general biographical and industry information. And would love to discuss further with anyone who's interested about how we can REALLY galvanize efforts towards expanding and developing this project!--FASHION LOVERS UNITE!
Mabalu I have good general knowledge of fashion, with a interest in British designers, particularly the 1960s-70s boutique era. Also good knowledge of fashion terminology and dress history from the last 400 years. I'll be trying to revise and improve the British fashion designer bios, after seeing some absolute horrors of misinformation...
Marsattack I'm a fashion and costume design student and my main interest is fashion/costume history. I joined wikipedia because I just had to collaborate on the 1945-1960 article. Such an important part of modern fashion, and this article has been a stub for too long..I'm working on it! :)
Mbinebri If you see me around, I'm probably doing grunt work on the vast expanse of fashion model articles. Maintenance tags, categorization, fact-checking, copyediting, dealing with obvious policy violations, etc.
Mheart Interested particularly in designers.
Midnight Citian
Miranda Uploading pics from Commons and adding them to articles. Assessments.
modnik Credentialed fashion historian with emphasis on 20th c. fashion.
Nate Wessel Self-taught freelance fashion designer, working in the Midwest US. I'm interested in developing pages on sewing and patternmaking techniques. When I was learning (and still today) there was absolutely nothing of value online, that wasn't aimed at sewing from store-bought women's patterns or quilting. I want to help change that.
Nicole A. Jenkins A lifelong student of the history of fashion, I am currently writing a book with particular relevance to the sourcing, identification and care of vintage clothing. I also own and run a vintage clothing shop in Melbourne, Australia called Circa Vintage Clothing. My area of expertise is 20th century fashion.
Pinkadelica I love fashion and some of the fashion-related articles I've stumbled across are in a pitiful state, so I'm here to help!
PKM I've done a lot of work on the History of Western fashion series. I am interested in the history of clothes, particulary 16th-17th centuries and Victorian, as well as embroidery and other needle arts. Count me in!
Robomod I love the people in fashion and their biographies. I'm interested in fashion models, brands and magazines!
Sid1977 Interested in adding/improving model agency and model articles.
theorb The fashion coverage is horrible. Let's try to make some improvements.
thiste Pretty much the same as Sara, I've been wanting to improve the fashion part of wikipedia for a long time. I think I could help in most of the areas fashion covers but I'm gonna focus on improving the models (and maybe designers) articles for starters. By the way, I'm french!
Tinkerbell I attended fashion school in New York with an interest in journalism. I appreciate fashion that is not trendy, yet still enjoy watching shows such as Project Runway.
Vickser Well, I saw this project and couldn't help but add myself. I used to work at TeenVogue, even though I now mostly try to pretend to care about serious things. Right now I'm working on an article for the always fantabulously dressed Henry Conway, but I'm happy to help out with other things. I've got access to like infinite databases, so if you ever need someone to try finding extra old sources, I'm you're girl.
Violetbeau Stumbled across this page when looking up a particular British designer. I love Fashion and I'd like to uphold the British end - so to speak!
walshga I'm interested in fashion as an aspect of organizational culture, such as business casual and interview suits.
Winston789 Fantastic! I think I've found my new home here :) My areas of expertise include haute couture, luxury leather goods and haute joaillerie.
WM-86 I have storybook characters with interesting hairstyles and different fashions (one of my guilty pleasures is collecting Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide and other fashion magazines) - ever since I watched shows like One Tree Hill, 90210, Privileged, Gossip Girl and The Hills, I became interested in making my female storybook characters more beautiful than ever. I'm also joining to revert vandalism (I use VandalProof and Twinkle as well)! :)
Yamanbaiia Great project, i'de never thought of improving the fashion articles! For starters, i'll try and make my favorite designer (Chanel) Good Article material. I will also work in 40's and 50's articles.
Thefashionexpert I'm interested in creating requested fashion articles.
LunaHunting I am willing to help out in any fashion article as I am definitely a fashion freak. :)
Colonel Warden (talk) I have created articles in this field such as Antoine de Paris and Wörishofer.
Doc2234 I am interested in RISD grads, and generally trying to improve articles by adding quality images.
Theologiae I am interested in 18th century fashion as well as contemporary haute couture and prêt-à-porter, designers and fashion capitals, such as New York City, Milan, Tokyo, Paris and London
Arauser (talk) 00:35, 9 February 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply] I am interested in 18th and early 19th century fashion. I am working with a group of students to improve some of the essays in this area in spring 2012.
Eartha78 (talk) My interests are pre-1960 20th century couture in London and Paris, 19th-21st century jewellery, British tailors and tailoring, and the perfume industry.
Xiaweiyang (talk) My interests are mainly in street fashion, teen fashion. I want to contribute on the Metball events. Since it's big event in fashion but the articles and multimedia are still missing now.
KLOLvonJoulupukki (talk) Interested in general improvements, influential figures (designers, models, and other tastemakers), and contemporary fashion.
fashionethics (talk) Interested in fashion law, ethics, sustainability, philanthropy, trade associations, international development, & general improvements.
fMargaritaPoppa (talk) Interested in high fashion and improving articles related to this.
Chickadee46 (talk) Interested in historical fashion (including ancient and medieval), creating requested fashion articles, and general improvements
Fashionmouse (talk) I'm interested in fashion from the 1920s through the early 1970s. I'm especially drawn to the music, culture, and fashion of the 1950s. I've been a writer and editor for several years and I would like to contribute my fashion insight and editing expertise.
Ollie Thurston (talk)) I'm mainly interested in historical fashion, specifically the late 19th century, and how socioeconomic factors impact fashion and trends.
Colettesilk I am interested in helping out by contributing anything Scarf related, history, designs usage etc. I have over 40 years experience in Retail fashion design with a speciality of accessories All work from my site is original designs based on Minimalist Art, Art Deco and OP Art[1] Any pictures posted by me are my own property and can be used to use here because models sign blanket waivers that their likeness will be used across multiple forms of media.
RV I'm RV, a textile professional with a passion for historical and contemporary textile topics. I explore both forgotten gems of textile history and contemporary textile subjects through my writing. As a professional in the textile industry, my editing focuses solely on textile and fashion-related topics.

Users inactive for six months are moved to Wikipedia:WikiProject Fashion/Inactive users. If you notice that your name is missing from the main list after you return from a break, please re-add it!