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Other Lists of articles to create and expand[edit]

(Most of these lists consist of biographies)

Articles to create[edit]

Name Area of Interest Notability Comments
Alice O. McCord Anti-Fertility Technology Patented an Automatic stem pessary.
Aniela Majewski Menstrual Technology Patented a Sanitary pad holder. This was not a belt or fastening system, but a casing (analogous to the gauze casing of commercial pads) with an opening allowing the pad of one's choice to be inserted, and a means for keeping the pad from slipping.
Anna Brand Menstrual Technology Patented Catamenial sack or napkin-holder.
Anna L. Miller Agriculture Early patent for a gladiolus (1937).
Anna L. Palmer Anti-Fertility Technology Patented Improvement in combined aspirtators, concealed uterine cauterizers and vaginal syringes.
Anna M. Landy Menstrual Technology Patented an improved "receptacle" or pad with Neola Seidler.
Barbara Waldron Menstrual Technology RN, Professional Services Director at Tassette, collaborated with John W. Waldron of Plastic Applications, Inc., to create a disposable version of the cub, with they named Tassaway. She holds the 1st patent and an improvement patent.
Beatrice Kenner Menstrual Technology Patented an improved elastic belt with adhesive pad-attachments.
Billie J. Matthews Menstrual Technology Most prolific of the Kimberly-Clark inventors. Received 5 patents, 4 of them for sanitary napkins. Patented tampon containing fusible portions.
Chambers Harris Anti-Fertility Technology Participated in the research leading to the modern birth control pill. She took a PhD in chemistry. Eventually, she left the research institute because she was disgusted by the effects the hormones had on the lab rats.
Chimpu Urina Agriculture (Zoologist, naturalist, inventor) Introduced several new plants to cultivation. She studied plant toxins to devise arrow poisons for hunting and war.
Christel Hamann Computation Took out a U.S. patent on a Calculating machine in 1903.
Christiana Newhaus Computation Patented an Abacus in 1890.
Claudia Meilland Agriculture Built the original nursery business with her husband and ran the nursery while he fought in WWI.
Dawn M. Huffman Menstrual Technology Patented outer tampon tube with recessed finger grip.
Della Watkins Agriculture Although they were kept at assistant rank, these women earned what Margaret Rossiter calls "modest fame" for outstanding work on crown galls, citrus canker disease, and corn and chestnut blight. Since their lab was mandated to serve agriculture, their research almost certainly had practical applications.
Dittrichin Siegmundin Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology German obstetrician. Possible re-inventor or improver of nooses and blunt hooks for turning or extracting the infant in difficult births. She certainly pioneered the technique of puncturing the amniotic sac to stop hemorrhaging. Became royal midwife of Prussia. In 1689, she published her 1st textbook for midwives. Her book was reprinted 6 times.
Donna Hudson Biomedical Computing/Engineering Worked with Donna Hudson to develop an expert system for micorcomputers. Estrin credits Hudson with designing and implementing a system called EMERGE.
Doris Moehrle Menstrual Technology Patented a specially shaped menstrual sponge handed down from mother to daughter in her family, a kind of cup/tampon; this "Nature's Answer" tampon, also had a ribbon attached to facilitate removal.
Hilda H. Kroeger Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Helped design "an efficient labor and delivery-room suite" in the Elizabeth Steel Magee Hospital. She was named one of the "Medical Women of the Year" in 1955.
M. Claire Shephard Agriculture Holds an advanced degree in plant pathology and more than 20 patents for novel agricultural chemicals. She was involved in the invention and development of two systemic fungicides, dimethirimol and ethirimol, applied to the seed and soil to control foliage diseases.
Penny Wise Budoff Menstrual Technology A family practitioner and medical school professor (SUNY), pionered the use of prostaglandins for menstrual disorders, and developed a dietary regimen to combat premenstrual tension. She experimented first on herself; this time-honored strategy of medical investigators would not be available to a male phsyician.
Eidth Olson Computer Hardware Major player in the miniaturizing of computers. Career Inorganic Chemist. Devised photographic and lithopgraphic techniques for printed circuits.
Eleanor J. Fendler Menstrual Technology Patented an Absorbent pad including a microfibrous web, 1983.
Elfreda J. Corbin Menstrual Technology In the years just before the new Kotex pad, she patented Napkin.
Elisabeth Bryenton Agriculture Devised algal inoculation technique as a teenager.
Eliza Kirwin Anti-Fertility Technology Patented something identified in LWP only as a Pessary, but whose illustration in the Patent Gazette reveals its contraceptive potential.
Eliza L. Moore Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Patented the Accouchement (lying-in) couch.
Elizabeth A. Briggs Agriculture Early patent for a gladiolus (1937).
Elizabeth Bokyo Agriculture Experimented with desert-cultivation techniques in Israel.
Elizabeth Higgins Menstrual Technology Patented "dress-protector."
Elizabeth Holcombe Anti-Fertility Technology Patented a Vaginal irrigator and urinal. Presumably this was a bidet-like device for postcoital douches or baths.
Emeline T. Bringham Anti-Fertility Technology Patented an Improved pessary.
Emma H. Carpenter Menstrual Technology Patented a Catamenial sack or bandage in 1892, unaccountably omitted by LWP.
Esther C. Johnson Agriculture Early patent for a lobelia (1937).
Esther G. Fisher Agriculture Patented at least 8 new roses between 1950-56, including a hybrid tea rose named Merry-Go-Round, assigned to Arnold Fisher Company; unnamed lavender rose assigned to Condard-Pyle of West Grove, PA; and the Capri Rose.
Evelyn (Lyn) Billings Anti-Fertility Technology Originated and popularized the Billings Ovulation Method with husband. Physician, author and lecturer.
Frances Carter Medical Patented "bandage."
Helen Hull English Novelist, early feminist, English professor, Wellesley College.
Helen K. Tobol Agriculture Patented a Method of controlling rice blast in 1974.
Hsing Yen-tzu Agriculture Her women's planting team devised a method for planting spring wheat in hard-frozen ground.
Ida M. Argo Menstrual Technology Patented Catemenial bandage.
Jennie L. Bornstein Menstrual Technology In the years just before the new Kotex pad, she patented Saintary support.
Joanna B. Tribble Agriculture Patented an Improved composition for preventing disease in vegetables.
Josephine D. Brownell Agriculture Patented two roses in 1937. Patented 2 wilt-resistant hybrid tea roses. One of the earliest and of the more prolific woman plant pantentees. Patented 31 roses.
June Haughton Menstrual Technology Expert rifle shot and traveler. Invented a practical motoring veil and "several small sanitary devices".
Kathleen K. Meserve Agriculture Developed 6 popular hybrid Blue Hollies. Between 1963-78, she created and patented Blue Girl, Blue Boy, Blue Prince, Blue Princess,Blue Angel and Blue Maid. They are named llex x meserveae, after their creator.
Laura M. Adams Anti-Fertility Technology Patented a vaginal Syringe (1881).
Lin-Sun Woon Menstrual Technology Patented folded Tampon pledget.
Louise Epple Menstrual Technology Patented a Galvanic abdominal truss. She also exhibited suporrters, trusses, and bandages at the Chicago Expoisition, without taking out any other patents.
Louise Meilland Agriculture Co-patented a new and distinct variety of rose.
Louise Nelson Anti-Fertility Technology Patented a pessary.
Louisette Meilland Agriculture Created the "Ambassador" rose in 1967.
Lucy R. Meyer Anti-Fertility Technology Patented a Syringe and syringe box.
Lydia D. Myers Computation Patented an Abacus in 1895.
Margaret Cavanaugh Computer Science Programmed Argonne's first scientific computer. (It had about 2 kilobytes of memory)!
Marguerite Denoyel Agriculture Patented 3 roses in 1947 and 1948, assigning all 3 to Jackson + Perkins Company of Newark, NY.
Maria Bordonos Agriculture Won a Lenin prize with Olga Kolomiets, and 4 others, for producing a new single-seed form of sugar beet.
Maria P. Dibble Medical Patented "bandage".
Marie Schaefer Agriculture Early patent for a walnut tree.
Marie-Anne Victorine Bolvin Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Of Paris + Versailles (see foreign Wiki links). Has been called the 1st really great woman doctor of modern times, an insightful investigator and a wise dianostician. She invented a new pelvimeter and a vaginal speculum. She was one of the first to use a stethoscope to listen to the fetal heart. Received an honorary MD degree from the University of Marburg.
Mariya Gocholashvili Agriculture Head of the Plant Physiology Laboratory in the All-Union Research Institute of Subtropical Crops. Worked on winter-hardiness in crops from the mid-1930s to mid-1940s.
Mary E. Winter Computation Patented an Adding machine in 1882.
Mary G. Porter Menstrual Technology Patented "Ladies' safety belt".
Miranda Smith Agriculture Was involved in Canada's Rooftop Gardens Project, researching and developing rooftop cultivation technologies. She worked with the Urban Agriculture Project of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, investigating the food production capacity of urban areas, and providing technical assistance to those who wish to experiment with urban agriculture. She worked for the Bronx Frontier Development Corporation's project using the city's vegetable waste to create a nursery.
Mme Rondet Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Invented and perfected a resuscitation tube for infants born "in a state of asphyxia". Although the earlier tube invented by Chaussier was too inconvenient to use, the Royal Academy still credited him with the invention!
Mrs. Paulet Agriculture Has secured provisional credit for inventing Stilton cheese.
Neola Seidler Menstrual Technology Patended an improved "receptacle" or pad with Anna M. Landy.
Olga Kolomiets Agriculture Won a Lenin prize with Maria Bordonos, and 4 others, for producing a new single-seed form of sugar beet.
Pamela F. Baum Menstrual Technology Patented a Sanitary napkin with disposal means. The improved "baffle" for enclosing the used napkin is attached so as not to interfere with adherence to the wearer's undergarment, and so that the user need not touch the napkin surface in order to wrap it for disposal.
Patricia J. McKelvey Menstrual Technology Patented wrapper structure for tampons containing super-absorbent material.
Purplewashing Sociology, politics, marketing Instrumentalization of women and feminism. In Spanish Wikipedia.
Raina Georgieva Agriculture In 1951, she became Professor and Head of the Genetics and Selections Department of the G. Dimitroc Higher Agricultural Institute of Bulgaria. She led a team that developed tobaccos resistant to mosaic virus, new varieties of flax, and winter foliage barley. Also worked on techniques of plant hybridization.
Rebecca J. Walker Agriculture Patented an Improvement in the mode of protecting fruit trees from curculio, etc.
Selmaree Oster Anti-Fertility Technology Developed the Body Aware system of natural birth control (with her husband), with simple saliva and urine tests to detect ovulation. Also teaches woman to recognize their own bodily signs of approaching and occurring ovulation.
Sophia Woodhouse Welles Agriculture
Sybilla Righton Masters Agriculture Invented a maize-stamping mill and also a new way of working and staining in straw and palmetto leaf to produce women's bonnets with New World materials. entrepreneur, sold her "Tuscarora Rice" in Philadelphia, secured a monopoly on importing palmetto leaf to England and marketed her patented hats and bonnets *economic significance of bonnets should be noted for greatest impact.
Tamara Dejneka Menstrual Technology 3 patents in prostaglandin research. They involved a Method for inhibiting prostaglandin dehydrogenase.
Valentina Mamontova Agriculture While head of a lab at the Southeastern Agricultural Research Institute of the USSR in the early 1950s+60s, she won a Lenin Prize w/ 2 other scientists for developing high yield strains of winter and spring wheat and barley. Since the former Soviet Union is marginal for growing wheat and often has to import grain, this is important work.
Virginia A. Corrigan Menstrual Technology Patented a coating to aid tampon insertion and tampons coated therewith.
Virginia A. Olson Menstrual Technology Received 3 patents: Tampon applicator, a Catamenial tampon and wrapper, an absorbent tampon (this one is used in the Kotex stick tampon).
Yekaterina Novgorodova Agriculture Devised hotbed techniques, combined with bonfires, springkling routines, and special ripening shelves for growing vegetables in Siberia.
Yelizaveta Ushakova Agriculture Director of the Gribova Vegetable Selection Station beginning in 1948. she wrote many papers on advanced vegetable production.
Lawrence Lader Abortion Rights Friedan called him the "father of abortion rights." Papers at NY Public Library
Erika Lust Film Maker An advocate for feminist pornography

Articles to expand[edit]

Name Area of Interest Notability Comments
Adele Goldstine Computation Important in the Moore School Project. Helped write ENIAC's documentation, was ENIAC's first programmer. Taught other women to program (directly or through a manual).
Agnes Quirk Agriculture Although kept at assistant rank, these women earned what Margaret Rossiter calls "modest fame" for outstanding work on crown galls, citrus canker disease, and corn and chestnut blight. Since their lab was mandated to serve agriculture, their research almost certainly had practical applications.
Alicia Bay Laurel Menstrual Technology Adapted cellulose sponges to absorb menstrual flow. She reduced the idea to specific and thus to an invention: she suggests cutting cellulose kitchen sponge into 4 strips Correct article [1]
Angelique du Coudray Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Prominent French medical family. Invented the anatomical mannikin used in teaching gynecology and obstetrics. This invention is usually credited to Englishman William Smellie but du Coudray invented and perfected her "femme artificielle", before Smellie's model. She visited hospitals and lectured in provinces. She trained 4,000 pupilas. She received a government pension in old age.
Annie Besant Anti-Fertility Technology Suggested a sponge soaked in quinine solution and inserted into the vagina before intercourse as perhaps the best contraceptive device then available
Avocation Labor More women are needed on this list
Betty Holberton Computation Important in the Moore School Project (was Elizabeth "Betty" Holberton)
Betsy Baker Agriculture note: link to wrong person, there is no article at present.
Blanche Ames Ames Anti-Fertility Technology Co-founded the Birth Control League of Massachusetts. Researched maternal health statistics, initiated a parents' petition to the Massachusetts Medical Society, and publicly debated Catholic leaders
Carol Downer Menstrual Technology She is one of the founders of the women's self-help health movement, and a leader of the LA group.
Charlotte Elliott Agriculture Although kept at assistant rank, these women earned what Margaret Rossiter calls "modest fame" for outstanding work on crown galls, citrus canker disease, and corn and chestnut blight. Since their lab was mandated to serve agriculture, their research almost certainly had practical applications.
Clara Hasse Agriculture Although kept at assistant rank, these women earned what Margaret Rossiter calls "modest fame" for outstanding work on crown galls, citrus canker disease, and corn and chestnut blight. Since their lab was mandated to serve agriculture, their research almost certainly had practical applications.
Aletta Jacobs Anti-Fertility Technology Helped to develop the vulcanized rubber diaphragm usually credited solely to (and often named after), W.P.J. Mensinga. This device has been called the greatest advance in birth control since the condom and justly so, since it has the double advantage of being approved by doctors and, once prescribed, of being under woman's control. She opened a clinic for poor women in Amsterdam.
Marie Stopes Anti-Fertility Technology Taught the use of olive oil, sometimes as sole preventive, and in 1931 cited a series of 2,000 cases with no failures.
Mary Edwards Walker Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Served as a doctor at a hydropathic establishment. Had several nonmedical inventions to her credit as well as innovations in the treatment of tuberculosis.
Edith Clarke Electrical Engineering Recieived the Society of Women Engineers' 1954 Achievement Award for notable work with electric power systems and transmission. First patent was for a calculating device that monitors and predicts the performance of electrical transmission lines and systems
Eliza Lucas Pinckney Agriculture managed plantation from age 16. extensively studied and experimented (where others failed), eventually introduced indigo cultivation to South Carolina. Re-invented process for indigo dye production. Devised method of preserving egss in salt. Tutored slave girls, reflected on future economy of SC and planted oak tress for shipbuilding, studied skies and sighted a comic predicted by Newton, undertook silk culture, and performed agricultural experiments.
Betty Jennings Computation Important in the Moore School Project
Elizabeth Coleman White Agriculture Developed the commercial blueberry. Hybridized and domesticated the blueberry we know today. She marketed Tru-Blu-Berries. Another of her innovations was protecting her berry baskets with cellophane.
Frances Spence Computation Important in the Moore School Project
Joan Moore Agriculture Plant pathologist and conservationist. Moore received a PhD from the University of London for her work of storage diseases of potatoes.
Grace Hopper Computer Science Of her many contributions she standardized the programming languages for the US Navy and wrote the first compilier. Primary designer of COBOL programming language.
[Hannah Stone Anti-Fertility Technology Pioneered in combining the diaphragm with spermicidal jellies wrong link--a no present article
Katharina Dalton Menstrual Technology British phsyician who recognized and treated pre-menstrual syndrome as early as 1948.
Katharine Dexter McCormick Anti-Fertility Technology Graduated from MIT with degree in biology, smuggled diaphragms into US for Sanger's Clinical Research Bureau, sponsored endocrine research for years, supported contraceptive research projects for over 2 decades, deserves share of the credit for the invention of the 1st birth control pill
Kay Mauchly Computation Important in the Moore School Project (Was Kathleen McNulty at the time). Designed necessary new hardware with Richard Clippinger and created modications for the ENIAC for it's original rudimentary storage capacity.
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Agriculture proposed that livestock as well as people be inoculated against infectious disease. Her ideas met violent opposition. Best known for daring lifestyle but had fine and original mind
Lorraine Rothman Menstrual Technology She invented and patented the safer instrument now used by clinics, the Del-Em.
Louyse Bourgeois Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Prominent French obstretrician and surgeon. Studied midwifery and became known for that skill. Midwife for the Queen. Her books on childbirth were so revered that the noted scientist Laplace attached an essay to one of them. She was the first to number and systematize the various birth positions, with methods of turning the infant for easier delivery. Introduced new methods of delivery. Invented delicate obstetrical instruments.
Margaret Hart Anti-Fertility Technology Patented a Syringe (1885)
Margaret Sanger Anti-Fertility Technology Very well documented, several biographies are available, appeared on the first-day covers of a family-planning commemorative stamp, and a TV special dramatized her life. However, it may not be generally known that she coined the term birth control, or that she and her second husband founded the first doctor-staffed birth control clinic in the US
Marie Carmichael Stopes Anti-Fertility Technology Founded England's 1st birth control clinic (still open today) and campaigned to reach poor as well as middle-class women. She wrote several books (Married Love, sold 10,000 copies in 6 months). She also invented and patented several contraceptive devices and preparations ("Racial" brand cervical cap, diaphragm design and spermicides).
Marie Lachapelle Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology She attended at a difficult labor when she was 15, saving the mother and baby by turning the baby. She became head of the Maternity Department at the Hotel Dieu, later studying in Heidelberg and organizing a maternity and children's department. Credited with several worthwhile innovations in patient care and midwives' training, regrettably not specified.
Marlyn Wescoff Computation Important in the Moore School Project
Martha Laurens Ramsay Horticulture re-invented process for debittering and preserving olive in South Carolina. experimented with growing olives.
Mary Bryan Agriculture Although kept at assistant rank, these women earned what Margaret Rossiter calls "modest fame" for outstanding work on crown galls, citrus canker disease, and corn and chestnut blight. Since their lab was mandated to serve agriculture, their research almost certainly had practical applications.
Marie Harel Agriculture invented gourmet cheese, Camembert (hugely profitable even today) There is a French Wikipedia Page
Marie Pape-Carpantier Computation Invented a boulier numérateur, an educational calculator that uses colored balls to make the calculations.
Mary Kies Agriculture 1st American woman to be granted a patent
Nellie Brown Agriculture Although kept at assistant rank, these women earned what Margaret Rossiter calls "modest fame" for outstanding work on crown galls, citrus canker disease, and corn and chestnut blight. Since their lab was mandated to serve agriculture, their research almost certainly had practical applications.
Octavia the Younger Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Serious physician who not only studied medicine formally and practiced it in her home, but encouraged good physicians in their work and invented many useful remedies. Her book of prescriptions contained "a wonderful salve to soothe the pains of childbirth". probably the correct individual. [1]
Eanswith Agriculture founded monastery and devoted life to improving agricultural practices of the farmers on monastery estates
Zubaidah bint Ja`far Agriculture Built aqueduct in Mecca at own expense Improved grammar and structure; still needs expansion
Roberta A. Ballard Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Contributed to the treatment of respiratory distress caused by the immature lung development in premature babies, and her creation of the 1st in-hospital alternative birth center.
Ruth Teitelbaum Computation Important in the Moore School Project
Thelma Estrin Computer Science Part of the group at the Institute for Advanced Studies that built computers. One of the IEEE's only female fellows. Huge impact on biomedical computing ventures (particularly as pertaining to the brain). Did research on the electrical activity of the brain.
Trotula Pregnancy + Childbirth Technology Apparently wrote several books, the most important of which was Passionibus mulierum curandorum ("Diseases of woman") but the originals were lost. She had a large medical practice. She joined the faculty at Salerno's University. She worked with her husband and sons on a medical encyclopedia. She devised a much-admired operation for complete rupture of the perineum, a surgical repair for disastrous births.
Mary Glynne Agriculture pioneered in several areas of cereal pathology at Rothamsted Research Station
Michelle Harrison Menstrual Technology Gynecologist, advocates dietary treatments for PMS. Spokesperson for the National Women's Health Network. wrong link, no present article
Rosie Napravnik Jockey First woman to ride all three American triple crown races, 2012, first woman to ride all three in the same year, 2013
Julie Krone Jockey First woman to win a US triple crown race, the Belmont Stakes, first woman to win a Breeders' Cup race, other groundbreaking achievements
Diane Crump Jockey First woman to ride as a licensed jockey in the modern era, first to ride in the Kentucky Derby, other groundbreaking achievements
Penny Ann Early Jockey First woman to be a licensed jockey in the modern era, (not permitted to ride for several years), other groundbreaking achievements
Emma-Jayne Wilson Jockey First woman to win Canada's Queen's Plate
Chantal Sutherland Jockey First woman to ride in the Dubai World Cup
Rosemary Homeister, Jr. Jockey First woman to win an Eclipse award for riding

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