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Welcome to the WikiProject Fishing Article Assessment pages!


Featured article FA
A-Class article A
Notes: The template that gives us these totals does not correctly link to Unassessed articles. As it is a shared template, we do not wish to change it. The link to find Unassessed articles is: Category:Unassessed Fishing articles. This box is updated automatically on an approximately weekly basis - it may not be the exact totals of assessment at this moment.

Version 1.0 Editorial Team[edit]

Using the Template Assessment Parameters[edit]

The {{WPFISHING}} template also has variables to add in assessment data. You may use either of the following examples with the template:




The arguments passed through the template are class and importance. They may be the following:


FA=Featured Article (See Below)
GA=Good Article (See Below)


Top = Top Importance
High = High Importance
Mid = Middle Importance
Low = Low Importance
NB Generally, the Importance of an article is not related to the current Class of the article, nor its current state of editing. "Importance" refers to how the average person seeking knowledge on Fishing-related articles would recognize the article's importance to Fishing in general.
Example: If you wanted to rate an article as a Good Article of Middle Importance, the code is:

More information on assessments can be found at Wikipedia 1.0 Assessment Team.

Adding Ratings[edit]

The following values may be used for the class parameter:

Please note that FA-Class article designation means this is a Featured Article. Featured Articles are determined by the Featured Article Candidates process. Editors and Fishing assessment team members should not rate articles FA-Class, but rather propose articles to the Featured Article candidate process.
A-Class articles are at the pinnacle of Fishing Assessment team evaluation. An A-Class article may be one heading towards FA-status, or be better than B-Class but not obtained the GA or FA ratings from their respective evaluation teams.
Please note that GA-Class articles are Good Articles, determined by the Good Articles WikiProject team. GA-Class should not be assigned by editors or Fishing Assessment team members, but rather propose articles to
B-Class Fishing Articles are ones which possess more material that Start- or Stub- class articles, but need further polishing and work to bring them up to GA, A, or FA-Class status.
This is used for either a) Places where the template exists outside of the Article Talk namespaces, or b) Rating has not yet been made by an editor or the Fishing Project Assessment Team. Not specifying the parameter defaults the rating Unassessed.


WikiProject article quality grading scheme

Information on how to evaluate an article for class may be found at WP 1.0 Assessment Grading.

The following values may be used for the importance parameter:

Assessment Drive Collaboration[edit]

The Assessment Drive is on, beginning Monday, June 18, 2007! Ratings discussions on specific articles are located at: Wikipedia:WikiProject Fishing/Assessment/Drive. Come join us!

The Assessment Team[edit]

Membership on the Assessment Team is purely voluntary. You may add your name below, if you wish. Adding your name, however, is not necessary to assisting us in the assessment process.