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Your personal userbox[edit]

Place {{User WProject Fishing}} on your userpage. This will produce this:

Wikisurf.jpg This editor is a member of
WikiProject Fisheries and Fishing.

Articles in need of expert attention[edit]

The template {{Expert-subject}} places articles in Category:Fishing articles needing expert attention. In general, this template is posted by non subject experts to show that they have run into a brick wall that a Wikiproject Fishing member can solve with relative ease. This category really ought to be empty, so the fact that it contains any articles is a call to action to improve them and remove the tag.

Project banner[edit]

Please place {{WPFISHING}} at the top of an article's talk page. This will help to direct editors to the WikiProject Fishing main page for guidance. As well as users adding it manually, HermesBot added the template to articles in the fishing category. However, if you find one added in error, please remove it.

This is how it looks:

WikiProject Fisheries and Fishing (Rated NA-class)
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Fisheries and Fishing, a collaborative effort to improve Wikipedia's coverage of fisheries, aquaculture and fishing. If you would like to participate, you can visit the project page, where you can register your interest for the project and see a list of open tasks.
 NA  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

There are class and importance parameters that may be added. See the Project Assessment page for more information about using this template.


For outreach templates see the outreach page.

Portal templates[edit]

The template {{portal|Fishing}} can be used to produce a clickable logo for the fishing portal.

For example, copy this:


to produce the portal logo on the right.

This template can be placed at the bottom of fishing articles in the "See also" section.

Article credit[edit]

The template {{Portal|x|fishing}} is used to give credit to articles that appear in the fishing portal.

To use this, copy this piece of code:


onto the talk page of the article.

For example, this code:

{{Fishingportal|Selected Article of the Month|November|2009}}

produces this:

36-pesca,Taccuino Sanitatis, Casanatense 4182..jpg WikiProject Fishing/Templates appears on The Fishing Portal as the "Selected Article of the Month" for November 2009.


Over sixty navigational boxes are used in the project as an aid towards organising the articles and also as an aid towards easy and intuitive navigation. They are installed as sidebars at the top right of each article.

Each navbox represents a set of associated articles, and has a small embedded image which is meant to represent what the articles are about. The lead item just underneath the image should be the lead article summarising the rest of the articles in the panel.

The navigational panel is only 100px wide compared to the more usual 300px occupied by infoboxes. This allows a lead image to be displayed at the top left of the article itself. However, because of the presence of the navigation panel, the width of the article lead image should be constrained to 200px.

  • The article lead image should not be set to the default thumb, since some users have set their thumb preferences to 300px. This can result in disgruntled editors with narrow browsers bumping the navigation panel out of the way on the grounds that it restricts their viewing.
  • Occasionally other editors, following the letter of WP:MOS#Images, will insist the article lead image should be thumb size. It can be pointed out that WP:MOS#Images says the thumb applies in the absence of a compelling reason to do otherwise, and that the presence of the sidebar is such a compelling reason.

Topic template[edit]

The template {{fisheries and fishing}} is placed at the bottom of articles that are core articles within this project. The topics in the template are the lead articles in the navigation panels discussed above. Thus, when you click on a topic, it takes you to the lead article in new navigational panel.

At the bottom of the template is a link to a list of topics by subject. This lists all the main navigation panels by their lead article, including all the articles in each panel.

It looks like this...