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This template is for use on every Beverages Task Force administration page. That is, pages that relate to the functions of the Task Force, not regular articles or categories that fall within the scope of the Task Force. This template provides visual identification of these pages, automatically categorizes the pages, and provides useful navigation links to each major page within the Task Force.


Project members should tag all new Task Force pages using this template. To use it, place the following tag at or near the top of each Task Force page you wish to tag.

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Food and drink/Beverages Task Force/navigation
 |style      = 
 |categories =
  • style - By entering either category or template in this field, it will display a more compact version of the template. This is designed to be used on Task Force category pages
  • categories - An entry of no in this field will suppress the automatic tagging of pages with the Category:Beverages Task Force pages tag. This function is used on pages where the template is being used as an example (as it is here) as opposed to being used on article pages.


  • Do not place this tag on articles or categories that are outside of our specific Task Force-space (e.g., outside of Wikipedia: Mixed Drinks Task Force or Category: Mixed Drinks Task Force).
  • Do not subst: this tag. This template is updated frequently as Project pages change. For that reason, the tag needs to remain dynamically generated, not substituted.
  • If tagging a newly created major section of the Task Force (rather than a subpage), you probably should edit this template to add the new section to this navigation box.