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Welcome to the Arsenal task force of WikiProject Football. This page and its subpages contain suggestions on how to improve the articles on the subject.


The project aims primarily to:

  1. Expand on all articles related to Arsenal.
  2. Create articles for every Arsenal player and manager.
  3. Establish guidelines and templates for all Arsenal matches and seasons.
  4. Increase on the number of Featured Articles & Good Articles.



The Invincibles[edit]

In the 2003–04 season, Arsenal won the Premier League without a single defeat. The team, who acquired the nickname "The Invincibles", later set a new record of 43 league matches undefeated in August 2004. They remained unbeaten for six more games.

A long term goal of this project would be to produce a good topic that covers this historic feat. The unbeaten run commenced against Southampton in May 2003 – Arsenal's penultimate league fixture of the 2002–03 season and ended away to Manchester United in October 2004. Although several players contributed to the run, only the most used lineup is included.

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C-Class article The Invincibles (Arsenal)
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B-Class article Jens Lehmann
C-Class article Lauren
B-Class article Sol Campbell
Start-Class article Kolo Touré
B-Class article Ashley Cole
B-Class article Freddie Ljungberg
B-Class article Patrick Vieira
Featured article Gilberto Silva
B-Class article Robert Pires
Good article Dennis Bergkamp
Featured article Thierry Henry
Good article Arsène Wenger
Good article 2002–03 Arsenal F.C. season
Good article 2003–04 Arsenal F.C. season
Start-Class article 2004–05 Arsenal F.C. season
Good article Battle of Old Trafford
C-Class article Battle of the Buffet


The 2005–06 season was Arsenal's final season at Highbury.

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Good article 2005–06 Arsenal F.C. season
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Good article 2005 FA Community Shield
Non-article page Arsenal F.C. 4–2 Wigan Athletic F.C. (2006)
Good article 2006 UEFA Champions League Final

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