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Welcome to the association football variants task force of WikiProject Football.



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This taskforce covers...

The full list can be found here.
  • However, if the variant of football is already covered by its own project/taskforce within Wikipedia, do the following:
  • Add the categories to the main article's talk page. (See Assessment for more details.)
  • If there is an article relating to the history of the sport, put the categories on their talk page as well.
Do not use {{Football}}. Not only would it be covered by the categories, but it may cause some controversy. Although more publicity for this task force is good, I don't think that is the kind we want.


Wikipedians interested in participating should add themselves to the bottom of the list.

  1. Alistairjh (talk · contribs)
  2. Grunners (talk · contribs)
  3. RaLo18 (talk · contribs)
  4. TurboGUY (talk · contribs)
  5. ChaChaFut (talk · contribs)
  6. bes2224 (talk · contribs)
  7. Wael.Mogherbi (talk · contribs)
  8. Spongie555 (talk · contribs)

Make sure you watch this page!


For assessment categories and how to rate and tag articles, click here.

To Do[edit]

  • Assess all articles relating to variants of Association Football.
  • Request or create articles (requests should be made below).
  • Make Variants of association football into a better article (if possible).
  • Recruit more members to the taskforce.
  • Create Selected Pictures and Selected Articles for all weeks in Portal:Association Football Variants
  • Find, create and verify references for the articles that the taskforce has tagged.
  • Find and create pictures relating to the articles that the taskforce has tagged, and put them in Wikimedia Commons.
  • Using the articles, references and pictures, try and make every article better.


  • Manage information relating to football variants on all of Wikipedia's sister projects.

Article Alerts[edit]

Article alerts
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To put this on another page use {{FootballVariantAlert}}.

Cleanup Listing[edit]

Click here to see football variant articles that need to be cleaned up to meet Wikipedia's high standards.

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This is the tree for all related projects. Projects in italics are ones that are not related to us directly, but have went through the maze of sub-projects and task forces.



Creating and editing articles[edit]

All created articles should follow both the Project Manual of Style and Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

For the sport itself, use a sport template. At the start, make a brief description of the sport (with some pictures if possible). Then add a section devoted to informing the reader of how the sport differs from football itself. After this, write a brief history (if you can create a in-depth history of the sport, make this another article). Next, write about the arena and equipment involved, and finally add some links/references.

For clubs, use the football templates and guides to make articles better.

For players and managers, use the football templates and guides to make biographical articles better. If the person has played/managed in more than one sport (e.g. Football and Futsal), write the club's name as normal, but then state the name of the variant in brackets and italics.

1997-2000 Example F.C.
2000-2001 Imaginary F.C. (Futsal)

For competitions, use the football templates and guides to make articles better.


Only notable articles can be created. These are the guidelines for athletes and footballers

Athletes (from WP:ATHLETE)[edit]
  • People who have competed at the fully professional level of a sport, or a competition of equivalent standing in a non-league sport such as swimming, golf or tennis.[1]
  • People who have competed at the highest amateur level of a sport, usually considered to mean the Olympic Games or World Championships.
  1. ^ Participation in and, in most cases, winning individual tournaments, except the most prestigious events, does not make non-athletic competitors notable. This includes, but is not limited to, poker, bridge, chess, Magic:The Gathering, Starcraft, etc.
Footballers (from WP:FOOTBALL/Notability)[edit]

The player section of this notability guidance has been superseded by WP:Notability (sports), and is included below for information only as a record of the previous guidance that the Footy project came up with.

Players are deemed notable if they meet any of the criteria below:

  1. Have played for a fully professional club at a national level of the league structure. This must be supported by evidence from a reliable source on a club by club basis for teams playing in leagues that are not recognised as being fully professional.
  2. Have played in a competitive fixture between two fully professional clubs in a domestic, Continental or Intercontinental club competition.
  3. Have played FIFA recognised senior international football or football at the Olympic games.
  4. Pre-professional (amateur era) footballers to have played at the national level of league football are considered notable (no other level of amateur football confers notability).

Should a person fail to meet these additional criteria, they may still be notable under Wikipedia:Notability.

Club notability[edit]

All teams that have played in the national cup (or the national level of the league structure in countries where no cup exists) are assumed to meet WP:N criteria. Teams that are not eligible for national cups must be shown to meet broader WP:N criteria.

League notability[edit]

  • All leagues whose members are eligible for national cups are assumed notable.
  • All leagues that are a country's highest level are assumed notable.
  • All other leagues are assumed non-notable unless they can be shown to meet broader WP:N criteria.


A template for a separate sport from Football, such as Futsal and Beach Soccer, would be {{Sport overview}}. Any templates for venues, clubs, leagues, and players see Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Templates, or a list of templates that may be helpful at Category:Association football templates.

Userbox template[edit]

{{User Taskforce on Association Football variants}} gives you:

Futsal pictogram.svg This user is a member of the football variants task force.


A list of sources can be found here.


Click here to see images relating to Association Football variants.