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Below is a list of goals and projects planned by the D.C. United Task Force, the task force's progress on the goals and complete projects.

Current Projects[edit]

# Name Description Started Initiator
1 MLS Cup '99 Improve the MLS Cup '99 article from a stub-class (e.g. vector graphics for the jerseys and starting formation). July 12, 2011 Fopam
2 D.C. United A-Class Improve the quality of D.C. United's main entry from GA-Class to A-Class article. It's likely the next step needed before we make it an eventual FA-class article. July 12, 2011 Quidster4040
3 Season results List every single match result during every single D.C. United season. This pertains to league, playoff, cup, continental and friendly matches. September 27, 2011 Quidster4040
4 Ben Olsen Improve the quality of the Ben Olsen article to at least a good class, ideally featured. October 18, 2011 Fopam
5 2011 D.C. United season Have the 2011 D.C. United season article reach good article status. October 29, 2011 Quidster4040
6 RFK Stadium Clean up the RFK Stadium article, eventually making it a GA article. Goal is to achieve this by the end of 2011. October 29, 2011 Quidster4040

Complete Projects[edit]

# Name Started Completed Initiator Approved
1 Season articles June 3, 2011 June 25, 2011 Quidster4040 Green tickY
Create stub-class articles for all D.C. United seasons
2 Hall of Tradition July 3, 2011 July 4, 2011 Quidster4040 Green tickY
Start the D.C. United Hall of Tradition
3 2011 DCU Women's season July 8, 2011 July 12, 2011 Quidster4040 Green tickY
Create an article on D.C. United Women's inaugural season
4 All-time D.C. United roster July 15, 2011 July 18, 2011 Benuski Green tickY
Improve the quality of the All-time D.C. United roster page, modeling it after the List of Seattle Sounders FC players. Once that article has been improved, it can be used to generate metrics on how to rate current and former D.C. United players. The draft is at User:Benuski/Draft of All-time D.C. United roster.
5 D.C. United Academy July 11, 2011 October 11, 2011 Quidster4040 Green tickY
Expand the history of the storied rivalry between D.C. United and New York Red Bulls. (Atlantic Cup)

Future Projects[edit]

Copy and past the table code from the previous two sections here if you wish to queue future projects.