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This page is part of the WikiProject on Football and is a listing of recently created articles related to football. To add a new article, place *{{la|ARTICLENAME}} under the header with the article's date of creation. Note that this means the article's date of creation on Wikipedia, and not the date it was improved significantly. Articles are archived monthly, in a yearly archive page found at the bottom.

New articles that are over 1,500 characters long (excluding infoboxes and wiki-markup), not stubs and well referenced are eligible for display on Wikipedia's Main Page under Did you know?. If you feel that an article you have created or read would make an interesting entry, please submit it to Did you know? suggestions. All accepted football related DYKs are archived and displayed on the football portal.

If you're bored, why not add the project tag to red-linked talk pages in the list below?

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New Articles found by AlexNewArtBot[edit]

The following articles matched the rules to identify new Association football articles on the latest run of User:AlexNewArtBot (see log). These results are automatically archived after the list reaches a certain size. Some duplicates may exist between the articles entered above and those found during the database scrape. The list can be manually edited at User:AlexNewArtBot/AssociationFootballSearchResult.

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