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Note that past AfD closures made prior to the development of these criteria (5/2/2008) cannot be used as precedents for keeping articles. Any future changes to the criteria must be proposed and debated at WP:FOOTY.

Player notability

The player section of this notability guidance has been superseded by WP:Notability (sports), and is included below for information only as a record of the previous guidance that the Footy project came up with.

Players are deemed notable if they meet any of the criteria below:

  1. Have played for a fully professional club at a national level of the league structure. This must be supported by evidence from a reliable source on a club by club basis for teams playing in leagues that are not recognised as being fully professional.
  2. Have played in a competitive fixture between two fully professional clubs in a domestic, Continental or Intercontinental club competition.
  3. Have played FIFA recognised senior international football or football at the Olympic games.
  4. Pre-professional (amateur era) footballers to have played at the national level of league football are considered notable (no other level of amateur football confers notability).

Should a person fail to meet these additional criteria, they may still be notable under Wikipedia:Notability.

Club notability[edit]

All teams that have played in the national cup (or the national level of the league structure in countries where no cup exists) are assumed to meet WP:N criteria. Teams that are not eligible for national cups must be shown to meet broader WP:N criteria.

League notability[edit]

  • All leagues whose members are eligible for national cups are assumed notable.
  • All leagues that are a country's highest level are assumed notable.
  • All other leagues are assumed non-notable unless they can be shown to meet broader WP:N criteria.