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Welcome to the Austria-Hungary subdivisions work group of WikiProject Former countries.


The aim of this work group is to improve the quality and accessibility of articles related to the historic subdivisions of the countries in Austria-Hungary. The empires and their component states are handled by the Austria-Hungary task force, but the subdivisions of these states, as well as the successor states included by the task force, are in the scope of this work group.





The former Hungarian counties Wikiproject specializing on just the historical counties of Hungary, was a forerunner to this work group and whose members are currently listed as inactive. We would love to see you come back:

Article structure[edit]

Hungarian counties[edit]

Article names should ideally be just the Hungarian name of the county (e.g. Hont). There are some reasons to deviate:

  • In Slovakia the Slovak versions of the names are still used very often, so the Slovak names are used for the titles.
  • In case something else with the same name exists (a town) the title becomes X (county). In case a modern Hungarian county exists with the same name, the old county's article will have "former county" in the title, e.g. Békés (former county). Special case: Arad (Hungarian county).

Brief description: Kis-Küküllő is the name of a historic administrative county (comitatus) of the Kingdom of Hungary. Its territory is presently in central Romania (central Transylvania). Kis-Küküllő is the Hungarian name for the Târnava Mică River. The capital of the county was Târnăveni (Romanian, Dicsőszentmárton in Hungarian).


Hungarian counties:

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