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  • Crystal Clear device cdwriter unmount.png Wikipedia Release Version 0.7 will soon be ported to DVD. Some articles relating to the project were selected to appear. A number of articles have various clean-up tags, listed here. Please help out by addressing the concerns.
  • Crystal 128 desktop.pngWe are in the process of creating a new review department, in order to provide a central location for all France related reviews at Peer Review, Good Articles, or Featured Articles. The initiation of an A-class review departement has also been proposed.
  • Symbol support vote.svg Saint-Inglevert Airfield became a Good Article.
  • Symbol support vote.svg Daft Punk became a Good Article.
  • Symbol support vote.svg Louvre Abu Dhabi became a Good Article.
  • Blueprint Barnstar 2.PNG The Project banner template has been updated with a parameter allowing articles within the scope of the Paris task force to be tagged as such. To tag an article, add |tf=Paris to the banner.
  • Symbol support vote.svg Louis Braille became a Good Article.