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Welcome to the WikiProject for Freemasonry. If you've come to this place and are interested in improving Freemasonry-related knowledge on Wikipedia, simply add your name to the list of participants and jump right in. You might find it helpful to watch this page and the pages listed in the convenient links section below.


The scope of this project is to handle all things related to the fraternity known as Freemasonry, its Grand Lodges, appendant organizations and related practices. All articles should be written in a neutral and well-documented manner. All articles within this WikiProject should be contained in Category:Freemasonry or one of its subcategories.

 Note: Biographies of individuals who were or are Freemasons are not within the scope of this project, unless those individuals played an important role in the history and development of the fraternity, such as Albert Pike, William Preston and others of that caliber.

All editors with a genuine interest in Freemasonry are encouraged to join and participate.

Article assessment[edit]

The {{WikiProject Freemasonry}} template has |class= and |importance= parameters that provide an article assessment rating. These ratings are described here.

Think of "class" as an assessment of the article's quality and completeness, and "importance" as an assessment of the importance of an article's subject matter within Freemasonry. The two assessments measure different parameters: a Start or Stub class article may well be of High or even Top importance, and vice versa.

Do not assign quality levels FA or GA, as assessments for Featured Article (FA) or Good Article (GA) status are made by external panels and not by Wiki Projects. A quality rating of A indicates that the article is essentially complete, though of course edits will continue to be made.

To qualify as A-Class quality, the article should approach the standards required of a Featured Article. The article may need minor copyedits, but it should be comprehensive, accurate, well-sourced, and well-written. A peer review by project editors should find the article to be a viable a viable candidate for FA status. Assessing an article as A-Class quality requires more than one reviewer. A proposal to promote to A-Class should be made on the article's talk page. To be granted, the proposal should be supported by two uninvolved editors, with no significant opposes. The review should also be noted on the project's discussion page. The standard and the process is more fully explained at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment/A-Class criteria.

Assess an article for quality (other than FA or GA) and importance by placing the following template on its talk page, and filling in the appropriate parameter values:

{{WikiProject Freemasonry|class=???|importance=???}}

If you are unsure, leave the value blank, thus: |class=| or |importance=|

The following values may be used for the class parameter.

The following values may be used for the importance parameter.

Best Practices[edit]

Editors are expected to adhere to all Wikipedia policies when creating articles, and behave in a collegial manner.

To do[edit]

See & edit the active ToDo list here

Other stuff[edit]


The current Collaboration of the Week (COTW) is placeholder. See this page for past COTWs.

Requests for articles[edit]

List articles requested to be created in this section. If possible, create the article yourself, instead.

  • About 13,000 results
Xb2u7Zjzc32 (talk) 04:24, 10 June 2017 (UTC)


This section is for listing of major projects.

  • Upgrade main Freemasonry to Featured Article. Our flagship article needs a bit of polishing and a bit of thought to progress from Good Article to FA status.
  • Articles for all Grand Lodges considered regular by the UGLE and major European lodges (if notable).
  • The articles Ancient and Primitive Rite and the Rite of Memphis-Misraim need to be consolidated into one, describing the rite(s) history and current use. This would be a big project requiring someone to do a lot of research.


Report repeated vandalism of Freemasonry-related pages here so that an admin can deal with the issue.

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