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WikiProject Genealogy

2 December 2006

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Dan Koehl

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The WikiProject for Genealogy is a place for standardizing genealogical tables within Wikipedia and for enhancing genealogical knowledge within articles. While Wikipedia is not and never was intended as a genealogical tool, that does not mean that it cannot be. Nearly all royalty pages list a brief ancestry as well as a list of spouses and issue. This practice should be more widespread, outside the bounds of simple aristocracy and into the bounds of everyday people.

Project goals[edit]

  • Choose the standard form for ancestry tables
  • Choose the standard form for spouses and issue
  • Decide on proper placement of charts within articles
  • Expand scope of ancestral table publishing to include everyday people
  • Realize Wikimedia genealogy project. If you have not yet supported Wikimedia genealogy project with your vote, please do so here


Proposals for the standard ancestry table form[edit]


This proposed standard form incorporates the present need to identify noble houses and family names with a need to be brief in ancestral trees. Unlike many current forms, it does not include unnecessary descriptors such as grandfather and great grandmother, but it does allow for royal house names and mother and father titles. Most importantly, it is derived from CSS templates instead of many lines of unnecessary code. The template is available at {{s-anc}} although it requires {{s-fam}} and {{end}} or {{s-ref}} to function properly. In the end, it appears as this when completed:

Family information
House of Grandfather's House
King of Something
Page Name or Custom name
House of Grandmother's House
House of Grandfather's House
Queen of Something
House of Grandmother's House
Notes and references
1. Cite your sources here

Other templates[edit]

Wikipedia has various other genealogy templates that have been used in various articles. Some of them might qualify for proposal as the standard ancestry table form, and need to be evaluated for such.

Proposals for the standard form for spouses and issue[edit]

Some of the aforementioned genealogy templates might qualify for proposal as the standard form for spouses and issue, and need to be evaluated for such.


(There is also a Wikipedia:WikiProject Genealogy/Mailing list for users who want to receive newsletters and information about the project.)

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