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2 December 2006

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Dan Koehl

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The WikiProject for Genealogy aims to standardize genealogical information on Wikipedia. While Wikipedia is not and never was intended as a genealogy software, this area may still be further improved. Nearly all royalty articles include a section of brief ancestry, as well as a list of spouse(s) and issue. This practice may possibly be extended outside the bounds of royalty and aristocracy where encyclopedically relevant, while taking necessary precaution of personal integrity in biographical articles.

A project such as this one would possibly contradict Wikipedia:What_Wikipedia_is_not#Wikipedia_is_not_a_directory #2 ("Genealogical entries. Family histories should be presented only where appropriate to support the reader's understanding of a notable topic"), especially if its scope becomes too large — another reason to keep it limited to encyclopedically obviously relevant data.


  • Choose the standard form for ancestry tables
  • Choose the standard form for spouses and issue
  • Decide on proper placement of charts within articles
  • Expand scope of ancestral table publishing to include everyday people
  • Realize Wikimedia genealogy project. If you have not yet supported Wikimedia genealogy project with your vote, please do so here.



Below standard genealogy templates in ancestry table form and/or spouses and issue(s).


This proposed standard form incorporates the present need to identify noble houses and family names with a need to be brief in ancestral trees. Unlike many current forms, it does not include unnecessary descriptors such as grandfather and great grandmother, but it does allow for royal house names and mother and father titles. Most importantly, it is derived from CSS templates instead of many lines of unnecessary code. The template is available at {{s-anc}} although it requires {{s-fam}} and {{end}} or {{s-ref}} to function properly. In the end, it appears as this when completed:

Family information
House of Grandfather's House
King of Something
Page Name or Custom name
House of Grandmother's House
House of Grandfather's House
Queen of Something
House of Grandmother's House
Notes and references
1. Cite your sources here


The regular template for "Ancestry" sections in biographic articles, typically overviewing five generations of entries. Below the ahnentafel rendered for Charlemagne:

16. Ansegisel
8. Pepin of Herstal
17. Begga
4. Charles Martel
18. Childebrand van Bruyeres
9. Alpaida
2. Pepin the Short
20. Robert II, Chancellor of France
10. Lambert, Count of Hesbaye
21. Théodrade
5. Rotrude
22. Theoderic III, King of Neustria
11. Chrotlind
23. Clothilda
1. Charlemagne
24. Hugobert von Echternach
12. Martin de Laon
24. Irmina van Oeren
6. Caribert of Laon
26. Theuderic III
13. Bertrada of Prüm
27. Clotilda of Herstal
3. Bertrada of Laon
7. Gisele of Aquitaine

Patrilineal descent[edit]

Below the patrilineal descent as presented in the article of Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou, a pretender to the French throne. As such, the information has been considered relevant. The section contains a short text introduction followed by a list, which is the typical style of presentation which could well be improved into standardisation.

Louis is a member of the House of Bourbon, the senior-surviving cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty, itself a branch of the Robertians.

Louis' patriline is the line from which he is descended father to son (in accordance with Salic law). It follows the Kings of Spain, then of France, the Dukes and Counts of Vendôme, the Counts of La Marche, the first Duke of Bourbon, a Count of Clermont, and before them, again the Kings of France. The line can be traced back more than 1,200 years and is one of the oldest dynasties in Europe..

Wikidata equivalent[edit]

A Wikidata ancestry equivalent similar to WikiTree, for a language independent encyclopedically relevant database, likely containing mostly monarchs and such. Thus, each generation where ancestry is deemed relevant in biographical articles would not need a complete reformating, while access and implementation over the language board would be faciliated. Naturally, if applied, a new template rendering from this wikidata family tree would be needed. Also, precaution of personal integrity would be a main issue.

Other templates[edit]

Wikipedia has various other genealogy templates that have been used in various articles. Some of them might qualify for proposal as the standard ancestry table form, and need to be evaluated for such.


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