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Welcome to WikiProject Germany, a group of editors that aims to collaboratively improve Wikipedia's articles related to Germany.
If you want to participate, just add your name to the members subpage.

Divisions Scope[edit]

This project covers the creation and editing of articles related to the nation of Germany, its cities, counties, geography, transportation, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Germany in a fair and accurate manner.

As of 19 January 2017, there are over 99,027 articles and other project ressources within the scope of WikiProject Germany. For a more detailed overview see Germany article statistics in the sidebar.

Monthly top 100 Germany-related popular articles have been: (list until April 2016).

Project divisions Project divisions[edit]

  • Reference and navigation - the "keys to the country" (and of key importance)
  • Cities (talk) – Cities, towns, villages and districts
  • Physical geography (talk) – Regions, parks, climate, physical features
  • Culture (talk) – Music, art, icons, mass communication
  • People (talk) – includes residents of the current nation of Germany, all its predecessors, and all those people who have resided in any of Germany's predecessor states who have shaped Germany
  • Government (talk) – Governance, as well as federal, state and local politics in relation to Germany and its predecessors
  • History (talk) – history of Germany and its predecessors
  • Photo requests (talk) – adding and requesting images of Germany.

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Featured content[edit]

DYK Did you know? (DYK)[edit]

DYK articles related to Germany, containing facts (Did you know?) which appeared on the Main page, are also shown on the Portal:Germany in the Did you know section.

Please feel free to contribute to the DYK process, starting on the Main page, then show articles on the portal and on page Wikipedia:WikiProject Germany/DYK 2016.

Older articles (before 2011) were archived in two separate sets, for the portal in Portal:Germany/Did you know/Archive and for the project here.

FA Featured articles[edit]

Articles on Germany-related subjects, not necessarily improved to Featured Status by this WikiProject. These should also be listed at Portal:Germany/Selected articles and pictures for their possible use as Selected articles on the Germany portal. For more Germany-related featured articles see Category:FA-Class Germany articles.

Awards, decorations and vexillology[edit]

Natural sience Biology[edit]

Education Education[edit]

Geography Geography[edit]

Health and medicine[edit]

History History[edit]

Landmarks Landmarks[edit]

Germans Notable Germans[edit]

FAC Peer review/Featured article candidates (FAC)[edit]

See article alerts below.

GA Good articles (GA)[edit]

The following articles have either been recognized as good articles or are currently under review for good article status. For more Germany-related good articles see Category:GA-Class Germany articles.

Nuvola apps package graphics.png Art, architecture and archaeology
Economics and business Economics and business
Culture and society Culture and society
Engineering and technology Engineering and technology
Transportation Transportation
Food and drink Food and drink
Geography Geography
History History
Language Language
Mathematics Mathematics
Music Music
Film, theater and drama Film, theater and drama
Natural sciences Natural sciences
Social sciences
Politics and government Politics and government
Religion Religion
War and military War and military
Sports Sports

Featured images[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Germany/Gallery.

Featured topics[edit]

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Formerly recognized content[edit]

Former featured articles Former featured articles
Delisted Good Articles Delisted Good Articles

Article alerts[edit]

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Related Portals[edit]

For more Germany-related portals (states, history, regions, etc.) see Category:Germany portal and "Portal" lists in Germany article statistics in the sidebar.

Every member should feel free to inform the managers of these portals if they have worked on an article which they believe would be of interest to the above portals.

Project Barnstar[edit]

BoNM - Germany.png
BoNM - Germany2.png

The existing barnstar associated with this project is the Germany Barnstar of National Merit. It comes in two variations, both of which are displayed in this section. Both of these versions are available to be given out to members whose work regarding the project is found by other members to be particularly deserving of recognition. However, please award a user only one or the other barnstar at a time. The second variation of the barnstar can always be given out later, when and if that same user's contributions are found to deserve another barnstar.

Resources Resources[edit]

Infoboxes Infoboxes[edit]

Stubs Stubs[edit]

For information on which stubs to use on Germany-related articles, see the list of stubs at Wikipedia:WikiProject Germany/Stub templates

Templates Templates[edit]

What to type What it makes What it's for
{{WikiProject Germany}}
WikiProject Germany (Rated NA-class)
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Germany, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Germany on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 NA  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.
Template placed on the top of talk pages, not on article pages
{{User WikiProject Germany}}
WikiProject Germany This user is a member of
WikiProject Germany.
Userboxes for WikiProject members, add either to the your userpage
{{User WP Germany}}
Flag of Germany.svg This user is a member of
WikiProject Germany
{{Infobox German location}}
WikiProject Germany
Country Germany
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Template allowing town info to be copied directly from
{{IPA-de}} German pronunciation: [...] Template for indicating German pronunciation. See Help:IPA for German for transcription used.
This article incorporates information from the German Wikipedia.
Template to use when an article is a translation of an article on the German Wikipedia
{{subst:WelcomeGER}}~~~~ == Welcome to WikiProject Germany ==
Flag of Germany.svg

Welcome, WikiProject Germany, to the WikiProject Germany! Please direct any questions about the project to its talk page. If you create new articles on Germany-related topics, please list them at our announcement page and tag their talk page with our project template {{WikiProject Germany}}. A few features that you might find helpful:

  • The project's Navigation box points to most of the pages in the project that might be of use to you.
  • Most of the important discussions related to the project take place on the project's main talk page; you may find it useful to watchlist it.
  • We've developed a number of guidelines for names, titles, and other things to standardize our articles and make interlinking easier that you may find useful.

Here are some tasks you can do:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or any of the more experienced members of the project, and we'll be very happy to help you. Again, welcome, and thank you for joining this project!

Welcome message for new project members
{{User German Road Guru}}
WikiProject Germany/Transportation This user is a German Road Guru who can also claim themselves as a "German Road Warrior" WikiProject Germany Transportation Division Frei Fahren ist Frei Schreiben .
This Template can be for anyone who has driven on German roads and wants to claim themselves as "German Road Warriors"


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For articles to be translated, see Category:Articles needing translation from German Wikipedia

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