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This page is part of the WikiProject on Golf and is intended to be used as a guide on template standardization. Any templates that are renamed should have their entry changed here to reflect the new name. New templates should be added in the appropriate section. Add {{WikiProject Golf}} to the talk page of the new template and add the template page to one of the golf template categories (e.g. Category:Golf navigational boxes). A number of existing templates have the class=Template and/or importance=NA parameters but these are not required. Deleted templates should have their entries here removed.

Discussions about templates should be on the main Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Golf page where they are most likely to be seen.

Information boxes (infoboxes)[edit]

New infoboxes should not generally be created. Try to modify the existing infoboxes listed below. For the current complete list see Category:Golf infobox templates.

Code Where to use
{{Infobox golfer}} Biographies of golfers
{{Infobox golf tournament}} Articles about golf tournaments (covers a number of years)
{{Infobox individual golf tournament}} Articles about a specific golf tournament (for a particular year)
{{Infobox team golf tournament}} Articles about a specific team golf tournament (for a particular year)
{{Infobox golf season}} Articles about a golf season (for a particular tour)
{{Infobox golf facility}} Articles about golf club and courses
{{Infobox college golf team}} Articles about golf teams

Scorecard templates[edit]

These are used to provide a standard way of displaying an 18 hole scorecard.

Go to Torrey Pines Golf Course for a good example on how to use these templates.

Navigational boxes (navboxes)[edit]

The following sections list the main navboxes. For a complete list see Category:Golf navigational boxes and its sub-categories.


Golf tours[edit]

Tour events[edit]

Tour seasons[edit]



Mens major golf championships[edit]

Womens major golf championships[edit]

Mens senior major golf championships[edit]

Multi-sport events[edit]


Team tournaments[edit]

Ryder Cup[edit]

Presidents Cup[edit]

Solheim Cup[edit]


Individual awards and achievements[edit]



American colleges[edit]


External link templates[edit]

These templates are used in the "External links" section of a biography to provide a standardised way of referencing biographical details on a number of external web sites. These are mostly official tour web sites.

Stub notices[edit]

Listed below are the specific stub notices that can be used for stub articles

Code What it looks like Where to use
{{Golf-stub}} On stub articles about golf.
{{Golf-bio-stub}} On stub articles about golfers.
{{Golfcourse-stub}} On stub articles about golf courses.
{{Golf-tournament-stub}} On stub articles about golf tournaments.

Other country related biographical stub notices: {{Africa-golf-bio-stub}} {{Argentina-golf-bio-stub}} {{Asia-golf-bio-stub}} {{Australia-golf-bio-stub}} {{Belgium-golf-bio-stub}} {{Canada-golf-bio-stub}} {{Chile-golf-bio-stub}} {{Colombia-golf-bio-stub}} {{Denmark-golf-bio-stub}} {{DominicanRepublic-golf-bio-stub}} {{England-golf-bio-stub}} {{Finland-golf-bio-stub}} {{France-golf-bio-stub}} {{Germany-golf-bio-stub}} {{India-golf-bio-stub}} {{Ireland-golf-bio-stub}} {{Israel-golf-bio-stub}} {{Italy-golf-bio-stub}} {{Japan-golf-bio-stub}} {{Mexico-golf-bio-stub}} {{Netherlands-golf-bio-stub}} {{NewZealand-golf-bio-stub}} {{NorthAm-golf-bio-stub}} {{Norway-golf-bio-stub}} {{Oceania-golf-bio-stub}} {{Pakistan-golf-bio-stub}} {{Paraguay-golf-bio-stub}} {{Portugal-golf-bio-stub}} {{Russia-golf-bio-stub}} {{Scotland-golf-bio-stub}} {{Singapore-golf-bio-stub}} {{SouthAfrica-golf-bio-stub}} {{SouthKorea-golf-bio-stub}} {{Spain-golf-bio-stub}} {{Sweden-golf-bio-stub}} {{Taiwan-golf-bio-stub}} {{Thailand-golf-bio-stub}} {{UK-golf-bio-stub}} {{US-golf-bio-stub}} {{Zimbabwe-golf-bio-stub}}

Course stub notices: {{England-golfcourse-stub}}

Other tournament related stub notices: {{UK-golf-tournament-stub}} {{US-golf-tournament-stub}} {{BritishOpen-golf-stub}} {{PGAChampionship-golf-stub}} {{USMasters-golf-stub}} {{USOpen-golf-stub}}

Talk page templates[edit]

These should be only used on talk pages.

Code What it looks like Where to use
{{WikiProject Golf}}
WikiProject Golf (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Golf, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Golf-related articles on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 Project  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.
On talk pages of golf articles.

User page templates[edit]

These should be only used on user pages.

Code What it looks like Where to use
{{User WikiProject Golf}}
WikiProject GolfThis user is a member of
WikiProject Golf
On user pages of golf contributors.