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This project identifies, organizes and improves good articles on Wikipedia.
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This Good article nominations backlog elimination drive is a one-month-long effort (originally organized by the GAN WikiProject and other users) to reduce the backlog of Good Article nominations. Please make sure that you read the whole Good article review process before starting to review an article. The coordinators for this drive are MuZemike and Wizardman. If you have any questions, leave a message in the drive's talk page. This drive runs from 1 April 2010 00:00 UTC and ends on 30 April 2010 23:59 UTC.

The goal of this backlog elimination drive is to bring the number of outstanding Good Article nominations to below 200 (about half of what it is currently). Awards will be given out to those individuals who do the most work in helping reduce the size of the backlog.

Basic guidelines[edit]

  1. Log completed GANs here. If you complete a GAN for an article, don't forget to list it here so that you can get credit for the review.
  2. No rubber-stamping of GANs. Be thorough and complete in your GANs, and make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed. Generally Good article nominations tend to result in even better improvements to articles and can go a long way especially when approaching Featured Article standing.
  3. Provide constructive criticism. If you see a problem or problems in a certain article you're reviewing, don't be afraid to point that out and indicate to the nominator what's wrong. Instead of merely pointing to the problems, guide the nominator to possible ways of fixing those problems. Similarly, if the article is not of Good Article quality yet, don't be afraid to fail, but make sure you provide guidance as to how to get the article up to GA quality.
  4. Stick with it. An article isn't improved if it remains on hold for months. Instead, make the smaller corrections, make sure the primary writer is actively editing, and make the pass/fail judgment if concerns are/are not addressed in a timely matter. Watch the talk page and look to see what's being done and if anyone has questions.
  5. Have fun. We're here to help bring these articles up to their fullest potential and hence improving the overall quality of the encyclopedia. If you do not enjoy doing that, then there is no motivation to improve these articles and the encyclopedia as a whole.

For new reviewers[edit]

The April 2010 elimination drive welcomes and encourages those who have not yet tried their hand at GA reviewing, or those who haven't done so in some time, to join the drive, even if only to review one or two. If you feel like wanting someone to check over your review and making sure that it's good, the drive coordinators will gladly assist.


GAN backlog elimination drives chart up to 1 May

There are 55 editors participating the April 2010 GAN backlog elimination drive, which means the following:

  • If everybody reviewed at least 8 more Good Article nomination, we would reach our goal of under 200 outstanding nominations.
  • If everybody reviewed at least 12 more Good Article nominations, we would completely clear out the GAN queue.
Reports generated from Wikipedia:Good article nominations/Report
Date Outstanding
Change since
previous day[N 1]
Change since
beginning[N 1]
April 1, 2010 463 388
April 2, 2010 414 294 Positive decrease 94 Positive decrease 94
April 3, 2010 388 248 Positive decrease 46 Positive decrease 140
April 4, 2010 347 205 Positive decrease 43 Positive decrease 183
April 5, 2010 325 182 Positive decrease 23 Positive decrease 206
April 6, 2010 301 157 Positive decrease 25 Positive decrease 231
April 7, 2010 [N 2]
April 8, 2010 [N 2]
April 9, 2010 258 134 Positive decrease 23 Positive decrease 254[N 3]
April 10, 2010 226 83 Positive decrease 51 Positive decrease 305
April 11, 2010 216 67 Positive decrease 16 Positive decrease 321
April 12, 2010 208 78 Negative increase  11 Positive decrease 310
April 13, 2010 197 71 Positive decrease  7 Positive decrease 317
April 14, 2010 179 55 Positive decrease 16 Positive decrease 333
April 15, 2010 171 50 Positive decrease  5 Positive decrease 338
April 16, 2010 164 45 Positive decrease  5 Positive decrease 343
April 17, 2010 161 49 Negative increase  4 Positive decrease 339
April 18, 2010 146 34 Positive decrease 15 Positive decrease 354
April 19, 2010 127 17 Positive decrease 17 Positive decrease 371
April 20, 2010 112 15 Positive decrease  2 Positive decrease 373
April 21, 2010 105 12 Positive decrease  3 Positive decrease 376
April 22, 2010 114 24 Negative increase  12 Positive decrease 364
April 23, 2010 113 19 Positive decrease  5 Positive decrease 369
April 24, 2010 110 19 Steady  0 Positive decrease 369
April 25, 2010 98 20 Negative increase  1 Positive decrease 368
April 26, 2010 106 28 Negative increase  8 Positive decrease 360
April 27, 2010 104 32 Negative increase  4 Positive decrease 356
April 28, 2010 100 32 Steady  0 Positive decrease 356
April 29, 2010 97 38 Negative increase  6 Positive decrease 350
April 30, 2010 94 43 Negative increase  5 Positive decrease 345[N 3]
May 1, 2010 89 47 Negative increase  4 Positive decrease 341
  1. ^ a b Change only refers to unreviewed nominations.
  2. ^ a b Bot broken
  3. ^ a b Manual update


Awards will be given out at the conclusion of the backlog elimination drive as follows:

Working Man's Barnstar.png At least 5 GANs reviewed: The Working Man's Barnstar.

Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif At least 10 GANs reviewed: The Tireless Contributor Barnstar.

GA Award.png At least 20 GANs reviewed: The WikiProject Good Articles Medal of Merit.

SuperiorContentReviewScribe.png At least 40 GANs reviewed: The Order of the Superior Scribe of Wikipedia.

CRM.png In addition, the person who reviews the most Good Article nominations during the backlog elimination drive will receive the Content Review Medal of Merit. (Unfortunately, because of financial problems, we are not able to give away automobiles at this time.)

And remember, the ultimate winner here is Wikipedia.

Running total[edit]

You can still join! Feel free to start at any time.

Only pass/fail will be recognized as completing a review. If necessary, you can put the article on hold if the article needs to be edited further to be passed. Once you have passed or failed the article after putting it on hold, include your review below. Quick-fails will not be counted. Please state if the article is a pass, fail, or on hold. Make sure you follow up on holds.

Please log entries in the following format:

{{Div col|cols=3}} 
#{{icon|GA}} [[John Doe]]
#{{icon|NoGA}} [[Jane Doe]]
#{{icon|GAH}} [[John Smith]]
{{Div col end}}
Aaroncrick TALK
Arsenikk (talk)
Canadian Paul
Dana Boomer
Gary King
HJ Mitchell
Hunter Kahn
  1. Good article Middlesex (novel)
  2. Good article Black Tie (30 Rock)
  3. Good article Jekyll (TV series)
J Milburn
  1. Good article Klis Fortress
  2. Good article Daisy Jugadai Napaltjarri
  3. Good article Electric Mud
  4. Good article Todd Manning
  5. Good article New World Order (conspiracy theory)
  6. Good article Glen P. Robinson
  7. Good article Chimes of Freedom
  8. Failed good article nominee Kuselan[5]
  9. Good article The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History
  10. Good article Honório Carneiro Leão, Marquis of Paraná
  11. Good article Group 4 element
  12. Good article Bergen Air Transport
  13. Failed good article nominee A.C. Milan
  14. Good article John Keats's 1819 odes
  15. Good article Post-Britpop
  16. Good article Tabloid Junkie
  17. Good article Shaoguan incident
  18. Good article Territorial era of Minnesota
  19. Good article You Know My Name
  20. Failed good article nominee Sarvam[5]
  21. Failed good article nominee Dasavathaaram
  22. Good article The Notorious Byrd Brothers
  23. Good article Bridgwater
  24. Good article Nouvelles Extraordinaires de Divers Endroits
  25. Failed good article nominee Santosh Subramaniam
  26. Failed good article nominee Dhaam Dhoom
  27. Failed good article nominee Jeans (film)
  28. Failed good article nominee Field Day (festival)
  29. Failed good article nominee Ulysses S. Grant
  30. Good article Coast Veddas
  31. Good article Boys' Ranch
  32. Good article Innherredsferja
  33. Good article Inflow (meteorology)
  34. Good article Nawa-I-Barakzayi District
  35. Good article She: A History of Adventure
  36. Good article Morgaon Ganesha temple
  37. Good article Storm Prediction Center
  38. Failed good article nominee Evan Bayh presidential campaign, 2008
  39. Good article Hurricane Allen
  40. Good article Brachiopod
  41. Good article KMFDM
  42. Good article Photography in Denmark
  43. Good article Martha Layne Collins
  44. Good article Shigeru Miyamoto
  45. Good article Mike Scully
  46. Good article Rock & Chips
  47. Failed good article nominee Park Grill
  48. Good article Michael Jackson: The Stripped Mixes
  49. Good article Dhumavati
  50. Good article Jim Moran
  51. Good article Gambler (Madonna song)
  52. Good article Bizenghast
  53. Failed good article nominee Neighborhoods of Davenport, Iowa
  54. Good article 2009–10 Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team
  55. Good article Brachytherapy
  56. Failed good article nominee The Art of the Sucker Punch
  57. Failed good article nominee Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror
  58. Failed good article nominee Talang 2007[6]
  59. Good article Timothy L. Pflueger
  60. Failed good article nominee British Library
  61. Good article Second Northern War
  62. Good article Ars Technica
  63. Failed good article nominee Caresse Crosby
  64. Failed good article nominee Tom Laughlin
  65. Good article Gone for Goode
  66. Good article Code of Vengeance
  67. Good article Michael Brendli
  68. Good article FC Barcelona
  69. Failed good article nominee Sidney Edgerton
  70. Good article Don Marostica
  71. Failed good article nominee Thikse Monastery
  72. Good article Snake River
  73. Good article Battle of Ciudad Juárez
  74. Good article The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
  75. Failed good article nominee Dura Parchment 24
  76. Good article The X-Files (film)
  77. Good article Thunderbirds Are Go
  78. Failed good article nominee Alejo Carpentier
  79. Good article Battle of Narva (1944)
  80. Good article German submarine U-43 (1939)
  81. Good article Forage War
  82. Good article Tom's Divorce
  83. Good article Peggy Mitchell
  84. Failed good article nominee World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion[7]
  85. Good article Holby City (series 1)
  86. Failed good article nominee Hazel Miner[8]
  87. Failed good article nominee Earl Strom[9]
  88. Good article Penélope Cruz[10]
  89. Good article Little Orphant Annie
  90. Good article Traditional African medicine
  91. Good article Clemuel Ricketts Mansion
Junipers Liege
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We will spot-check some of the completed GANs for quality control reasons. If a GAN is found not to be of an acceptable standard, it will be reassessed against the criteria.