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This Good article nominations backlog elimination drive was a one-month-long effort (originally organized by the GAN wikiproject and other users) to reduce the backlog of Good article nominations. Please make sure that you read the whole process of Good Article review before starting to review an article. The co-ordinators for this drive were: AstroCog, and OhanaUnited. If you have any questions, leave a message in the drive's talk page. This drive started on December 1, 2011 and ended on December 31, 2011 at 23:59 UTC
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This project identifies, organizes and improves good articles on Wikipedia.
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GAN backlog elimination drive charts, as of 1 January
Overall Review status as at 1 January
Date Outstanding
Change since
previous day[N 1]
Change since
beginning[N 1]
December 1, 2011 419 323
December 2, 2011 404 282  41  41
December 3, 2011 383 238  44  85
December 4, 2011 361 214  24  109
December 5, 2011 342 197  17  126
December 6, 2011 327 174  23  149
December 7, 2011 309 150  24  173
December 8, 2011 293 154 Negative increase  4  169
December 9, 2011 277 140  14  183
December 10, 2011 277 144 Negative increase  4  179
December 11, 2011 268 131  13  192
December 12, 2011 261 128   3  195
December 13, 2011 253 120   8  203
December 14, 2011 248 114   6  209
December 15, 2011 246 123 Negative increase  9  200
December 16, 2011 247 120   3  203
December 17, 2011 238 118   2  205
December 18, 2011 239 117   1  206
December 19, 2011 234 103  14  220
December 20, 2011 228 106 Negative increase  3  217
December 21, 2011 216 93  13  230
December 22, 2011 213 92   1  231
December 23, 2011 215 96 Negative increase  4  227
December 24, 2011 211 89   7  234
December 25, 2011 202 87   2  236
December 26, 2011 200 89 Negative increase  2  234
December 27, 2011 187 81   8  242
December 28, 2011 175 84 Negative increase  3  239
December 29, 2011 173 88 Negative increase  4  235
December 30, 2011 164 83   5  240
December 31, 2011 170 91 Negative increase  8  232
January 1, 2012 177 98 Negative increase  7  225
  1. ^ a b Change only refers to unreviewed nominations.


To receive an award, please include your name and the number of reviews you have completed as part of this drive. Please keep a running total next to your name. Awards will be given by the co-ordinator after this drive ends.

This is the scheme for the awards:

Invisible Barnstar Hires.png At least 2 GANs reviewed: The Invisible Barnstar.

Working Man's Barnstar.png At least 5 GANs reviewed: The Working Man's Barnstar.

Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif At least 10 GANs reviewed: The Tireless Contributor Barnstar.

GA Award.png At least 15 GANs reviewed: The WikiProject Good Articles Medal of Merit.

SuperiorContentReviewScribe.png At least 25 GANs reviewed: The Order of the Superior Scribe of Wikipedia.

CRM.png In addition, the person who reviews the most Good Article nominations during the backlog elimination drive will receive the Content Review Medal of Merit. (Unfortunately, because of financial problems, we are not able to give away automobiles at this time.)

Running total[edit]

Only pass/fail will be recognized as completing a review. If necessary, you can put the article on hold if the article needs to be edited further to be passed. Once you have passed or failed the article after putting it on hold, then include your review below. Quick-fails will not be counted. Article reviews started before December 31 but completed after December 31 are eligible to be counted into the running total. Reviews started before December 1 do not count. Please state if the article is a pass, fail, or on hold. Make sure you follow up on holds.

Articles marked with an asterisk (*) indicates an inquiry by a co-ordinator is taking place.

Please log entries in the following format:

{{Div col|cols=3}} 
#{{icon|GA}} [[John Doe]]
#{{icon|NoGA}} [[Jane Doe]]
#{{icon|GAH}} [[John Smith]]
{{Div col end}}


Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress AJona1992
Yes check.svg Done Albacore
Yes check.svg Done Altava
Yes check.svg Done Ankit Maity
  1. Good article ODB++*Inadequate review for an article not up to GA status.
  2. Good article Noisy Miner
Yes check.svg Done Anotherclown
Yes check.svg Done Arsenikk
Yes check.svg Done MathewTownsend
Yes check.svg Done AustralianRupert
Yes check.svg Done Basilisk4u
  1. Good article So Long Self*
  2. Good article Dude Ranch (Modern Family)*2nd opinion needed on these two reviews.
Yes check.svg Done Belovedfreak*Nothing entered here?
Yes check.svg Done BigDom
Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress Calvin999
Yes check.svg Done Casliber
Yes check.svg Done Cerebellum
Yes check.svg Done Crisco 1492
  1. Good article Duke of Marmalade
  2. Good article Agnes Monica
  3. Good article Hadji Ali
  4. Failed good article nominee Eye movement in language reading
  5. Good article Pretty Girl Rock
  6. Good article 3 (The X-Files)
  7. Good article God with Us (song)*2nd opinion needed. Article was passed, but a cursory glance makes me think this isn't a GA. Citation overkill!
  8. Good article Take a Bow (Rihanna song)
Yes check.svg Done Dana Boomer
Yes check.svg Done Dolphin51
Yes check.svg Done Ebe123*2nd opinion needed on all of these. Half the reviews appear too quick, and the other half are just difficult to follow.
Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress Ed!*Need a Mil Hist editor to spot check a few of these. Reviews are cursory at best.
Yes check.svg Done Failedwizard
Yes check.svg Done GamerPro64
Yes check.svg Done Glimmer721
Yes check.svg Done Grandiose
Yes check.svg Done Grapple X
Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progressGreatOrangePumpkin
Yes check.svg Done Grondemar
Yes check.svg Done Harrison49
Yes check.svg Done Hurricanefan25
Yes check.svg Done InTheAM
Yes check.svg Done J Milburn
Yes check.svg Done Jezhotwells
Yes check.svg Done Jim Sweeney
Yes check.svg Done Lampman
Yes check.svg Done Legolas2186
Yes check.svg Done Lhynard
Yes check.svg Done MathewTownsend
Yes check.svg Done Matthew R Dunn
Yes check.svg Done Moisejp
Yes check.svg Done Muboshgu
Yes check.svg Done User:MayhemMario *2nd opinion needed on these
  1. Good article Cool Hand Peter
  2. Good article Here with Me (MercyMe song) (with User:AJona1992)
Yes check.svg DoneMuZemike
Yes check.svg Done Noleander
Yes check.svg Done Parsecboy
Yes check.svg Done Plarem
Yes check.svg Done Puffin
Yes check.svg Done Pzoxicuvybtnrm
Yes check.svg Done Piotrus
Yes check.svg Done Redtigerxyz
Yes check.svg Done Resolute
Yes check.svg Done Ruby2010
Yes check.svg Done Sarastro1
Yes check.svg Done Schrodinger's cat is alive
Yes check.svg Done Solar Police *2nd opinion needed on these. Reviews without much content.
Yes check.svg Done Sp33dyphil
Yes check.svg Done Starstriker7
Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress Sturmvogel_66
Yes check.svg Done Sven Manguard
Yes check.svg DoneTea with toast
  1. Good article Demographics of CroatiaGA review started before 1 December, contrary to rules above
  2. Good article Alkali metalGA review started before 1 December, contrary to rules above
  3. Good article Argo TeaGA review started before 1 December, contrary to rules above
  4. Good article High Desert (Oregon)GA review started before 1 December, contrary to rules above
  5. Good article Highgrove House, Eastcote
  6. Good article Henry DeWolf Smyth
  7. Good article Asexuality
  8. Good article Port of Ploče
  9. Good article St Mary's Church, Llanfair-yn-y-Cwmwd
  10. Good article Rostral migratory stream
  11. Failed good article nominee Ribbon synapse
  12. Good article Gerald Fischbach
  13. Good article Huw Edwards (conductor)
  14. Failed good article nominee Fire and Blood (Game of Thrones)
  15. Failed good article nominee Björk
Yes check.svg Done The Bushranger
Yes check.svg Done TonyTheTiger
Yes check.svg Done Vibhijain
Yes check.svg Done Wikipedian Penguin
Yes check.svg Done Wizardman
Yes check.svg Done Yllosubmarine
  1. ^ a b Failed after 31 December