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Welcome to Recruiter Central. Here recruiters can find all the information they need to teach/guide a recruitee into reviewing Good article nominations.

Becoming a Recruiter[edit]

In order to become a recruiter you must meet all of the following criteria. There is no type of training required and you don't need any "special" skills; as long as you understand the GA criteria, all you have to do is teach it.

If you meet these criteria, you can become a recruiter! To do so, simply add your name to the list of recruiters, provide a brief explanation why you would be a good recruiter and put your status as "Available" or "Not Available". (NOTE: Once you are added to the list, you can should only recruit a maximum of two recruitees at a time. If you think that you can handle more than two recruitments at once and keep the quality high, you can recruit more than two recruitees at one time. Make sure to change your status to "Not Available" if you do not want to recruit anyone else for the time being. You can also recruit one recruitee at a time if you wish.)


If for what ever reason you wish to no longer be a recruiter, please remove your name from the list of recruiters. If you are simply going to be taking time off, just change your status on the list of recruiters to "Not Available". Please note that any recruiter that does not recruit at least one recruitee after a 9 month span, will be removed from the list of recruiters.

The Process[edit]

Step 1[edit]

If there are no users on the waiting list, wait for a recruitee to approach you asking if you are willing to recruit them. Please try not to decline as we want to get as many new reviewers as possible. If there are users on the waiting list, please contact the user at the top of the list asking if they will accept you to recruit them. During times of low demand, they have 48 hours to respond; during periods of high demand, they have 24 hours; and if there is only one user on the list, they have as much time to respond.

NOTE: You should only recruit a maximum of two recruitees at a time; however, you can recruit more if you can keep the quality of your recruitments high.

Step 2[edit]

After accepting to recruit an recruitee, create a sub page for the recruitee using the box below. Simply insert the recruitee's name at the end of the pre-loaded page name and click "Create page". If the recruitee has been recruited more than once, add a 2, 3, 4, etc to the end of their name. Before click the Save page button, fill in the "status", "date started", and "recruiter" blanks in the pre-loaded text. Notify the recruitee that this page will be the place where everything related to this program should be put (discussions, questions, quiz's, opinions, etc).

Also, please add a link to the recruitee's sub-page under the "In Progress" section here and update your "Current Recruitees" column here.

NOTE: If at any time your recruitee decides that they want to end the recruitment early, or a situation arises that will not allow the recruitment to be completed fully, proceed to Step 4b.

Step 3[edit]

The rest is really up to you. Because people learn at different speeds and levels, there is no set guideline of what has to be done and when. However, the points below should be addressed while recruiting. You should also go through at least four reviews as discussed in more detail below (Feel free to add anything to your recruitment). Note that a recruitee does not need to complete the program within a certain amount of time. If it takes a week, it takes a week; if it takes a month, it takes a month.

  • Make sure the recruitee understands the Good article criteria and what the Good article criteria are not. Once they believe they understand, give them a short and quick 5-7 question quiz relating to the criteria just to make sure. Note that recruitees should get at least 80% on the quiz (just go into a bit of detail about the other questions that they got wrong). If they score under 80%, help them understand what they did wrong. Then, write up a new quiz and give it to them. If the recruitee scores 79% or below on the third try, suggest that they should end the recruitment early and "study" the criteria when ever they want so there is no pressure or stress; then come back.
  • Introduce the recruitee to the nominations page and explain how to find a nomination (sub-sections, date of nomination, etc) and how to start a review. No quiz is needed. (If you want, you can also introduce the instructions page.)
  • First Review: This review should be conducted by you. Pick any article and review it as you normally would. You should also use either one of these tables or one of your own so recruitees can learn to keep their reviews organized in the future. Also, explain the passing, failing, on hold, and second opinion options. Remember (when passing an article) to tell your recruitee that they need to list the article in the appropriate sub-topic (sub-topics can be found here).
  • Second Review: Same idea as the first review.
  • At this point, ask your recruitee if they feel comfortable reviewing an article under your supervision. If they don't, continue to use the first & second review concepts as stated above.
  • Third Review: Once your recruitee feels ready that they can do a review of their own, let them pick a nomination to review. (NOTE: To help prevent any issues that a nominator may have with an "inexperienced" user reviewing their nomination, suggest to your recruitee to pick an nomination here. Note that it is not mandatory to pick from this list. Also, you cannot allow them to review any nominations you may have.) As they conduct the review, supervise them by making sure they are making good corrections and pointing out issues. If they are doing something wrong, tell them! (You should also notify the nominator saying that the review might take longer than usually as a recruitee will be reviewing their article) Once the review is complete, give your recrutiee some feedback on what can be improved next time.
  • Fourth Review: Same idea as the third review.
  • At this point, if you feel that more reviews are needed, feel free to do so. If not, you can do one of two things: introduce and talk about the reassessment process (this is not mandatory), or award your recruitee with this barnstar (along with a short message from you) to congratulate them on completing the program and wish them luck with reviewing Good articles finally on their own. You should also tell them that if they ever have any questions to leave a message on your talk page or at the Help Desk.

Step 4a[edit]

Once your recrutee "graduates", place {{notice|'''This recruitment has ended and is now archived. Please do not edit the contents of this page.'''}} at the top of the recruitee's sub-page. Make sure to add the date you ended the recruitment in the "Date Ended" blank and change the "Status" at the top of the page. Also, please move the sub-page link you added at the beginning on this page to the "Completed" section.

Step 4b[edit]

If your recruitee requests to stop/end the session, or a situation arises that will not allow the recruitment to be completed fully add {{notice|'''This recruitment has ended and is now archived. Please do not edit the contents of this page.'''}} to the top of their sub-page, add the date you ended the recruitment in the "Date Ended" blank and change the "Status" at the top of the page, move the sub-page link you added at the beginning on this page to the "Ended By Request" section, and do not give your recruitee the barnstar.


If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQ. If your question is not already answered there, post your question on the Recruiter Central talk page or contact Dom497.

Nominators That Are OK With A Recruitee Reviewing[edit]

Below is a list of nominators that are OK with a recruitee reviewing a nomination by them. When getting your recruitee to review a nomination, please try to pick a nomination that was nominated by a user from this list.

Nominations by the nominators listed below can be found here.

Wasted Time R
Go Phightins!
TheQ Editor
Sabbatu Sabban

Add your name to this list


Good Article Recruitment - Completion Award.pngThis user taught name of recruitee how to review Good article nominations through the Recruitment Centre.

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Good Article Recruitment - Completion Award.pngThis user is a Good article recruiter.

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