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This WikiProject aims to provide a place where Wikipedians can ask about grammar, improve their grammar, or learn how to correct grammar in articles.

For general cleanup, see Wikipedia:Cleanup.


Insert the following template {{copyedit}} to mark articles with this message:

Articles will then automatically be listed in Category:Wikipedia articles needing copy edit.

If the page just needs to be wikified or has more serious problems, see Wikipedia:Cleanup resources for other tags that may be more appropriate. There you will also find categorised articles that need fixing or improvement.

Articles that need checking[edit]

See Category:Wikipedia articles needing copy edit.


Put "{{User Wikiproject Grammar}}" on your user page.

Is human.This user is a member of the Grammar WikiProject.


  1. To clarify unclear sentences.
  2. To correct grammar so that articles are easier to understand.
  3. To be the grammar police.
  4. To be a place to ask for help with grammar.
  5. To clean up articles by non-native English speakers.
  6. Not to argue about styles of grammar or correct spelling.

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