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This Copy Editing Project Blitz is a one-week effort of the Guild of Copy Editors to reduce the number of articles of a chosen WikiProject that require copy editing, signified by the {{copyedit}} tag. Please make sure that you know how to copy edit and that you are familiar with the Simplified Manual of Style before you begin copy editing. The blitzes are under the purview of the Guild's coordinators. The lead coordinator for this blitz is Torchiest (talk), and he is assisted by BDD (talk) and Miniapolis (talk). If you have any questions, leave a message on the blitz's talk page.

The goals of this blitz are to copy edit as many articles as possible, beginning with WikiProject Military History, and especially those that have been tagged for the longest time. Awards will be given out to everyone who copy edits at least one of the target articles. The blitz will run from June 16–22.

The blitz is open to all, and you do not need to be a member either of the Guild of Copy Editors or WikiProject Military History to participate. However, you may want to consider joining the Guild, as membership has its benefits. For example, you can place a special "page in use" tag when you are copy editing, and another tag on the talk page when you finish. See the Templates page. Please visit the Guild or the main blitz page for more information.

Full instructions, tips, and awards[edit]

Full instructions for participants, tips, help for new copy editors, useful tags, and details of the many barnstars available for the drive can be found on the main blitz page. Please read this page carefully before you begin. To sign up, please use the form in the Signing up section below. To participate, follow the instructions at the top of the article lists.

Article lists[edit]

When you have chosen an article for copy editing and are ready to edit it, please add {{y}} (displays as Green tickY) and sign your name (~~~) next to the article's listing below. Please only check off an item when you are immediately going to begin editing it, so that we can avoid articles being stuck in limbo. When you complete the article, delete it from the list. When the open lists of WikiProject articles are nearing completion, the next WikiProject's list will be added.

WikiProject Military History[edit]


Progress Chart
  • Outstanding
  • tags
  • Change since
  • previous day
  • Change since
  • beginning
June 15, 2013 85
June 16, 2013 80 positive decrease  5 positive decrease  5
June 17, 2013 72 positive decrease  8 positive decrease 13
June 18, 2013 66 positive decrease  6 positive decrease 19
June 19, 2013 66 Steady  0 positive decrease 19
June 20, 2013 58 positive decrease  8 positive decrease 27
June 21, 2013 51 positive decrease  7 positive decrease 34
June 22, 2013 50 positive decrease  1 positive decrease 35


When recording articles completed, please remember to remove any {{copyedit}} tag from that article—if you want it checked, you can request it on the blitz talk page and someone will be along to do it. Do not list articles on which you have placed {{GOCEreviewed}} instead of copy editing them, or which needed no copy editing; they don't count. Please provide the full title, not an abbreviated version. Please avoid adding text comments unless they are essential, and place any comments after the article title but before the word count.

Wilhelmina Will (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0

Torchiest (talk edits)[edit]

  • Total articles: 3
  • Total words: 1025
  • Rollover words: 404

czar · ·[edit]

  • Total articles: 3
  • Total words: 1479

Jonesey95 (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 969
  • Rollover words: 229 (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0

The UtahraptorTalk/Contribs[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0

Lfstevens (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 1178


  • Total articles: 4
  • Total words: 6836

Tobeprecise (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0

Miniapolis (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 7
  • Total words: 7,175
  • Rollover words: 2,207

User:Quill and Pen (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0

Buster40004 Talk[edit]

  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 5,694

Lee Tru. [edit]

  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 119


  • Total articles: 7
  • Total words: 16,145


  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 1917

Milesandkilometrestogo (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 2153
  • Rollover words: 2004

JourneySarah (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 533

AustralianRupert (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 2
  • Total words: 1179

APerson241 (talk!)[edit]

  • Total articles: 2
  • Total words: 2153

LeonidasSpartan (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0