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If you wish to join, or become active again, please add your name to the Active Contributors list or move your name from the Inactive Contributors list to the Active Contributors list. Add your name in CHRONOLOGICAL order to the bottom of this list using {{user|username}} If you are an Administrator, please use {{admin|username}}. You may also add {{User WP Harry Potter}} to your userpage.

Active contributors[edit]

Inactive contributors[edit]

User Status House
Spike789 (talk · contribs) Currently Reading Book 5 Slytherin
Axel8 (talk · contribs) Twin of Demyx9 Ravenclaw
Demyx9 (talk · contribs) Twin of Axel8 Ravenclaw
Unilover_88 (talk · contribs) battling through a muddle of grammar and spelling mistakes, mudbloods and muggles are useless... Slytherin, where all the fun starts ^.^
arcayne (talk · contribs) House: yes, i live in one (you crufty bastidges)
Jake200493 (talk · contribs) House: The green evil 1
Ashleyscripter (talk · contribs) hitting the books Gryffindor, since choices matter.
Asyndeton (talk · contribs) Rosalie Hale (talk · contribs) Ravenclaw
Basar (talk · contribs) adding fair use rationales The sorting hat rejected me
BenjaminTeague123456 (talk · contribs) I love Harry Potter and will do anything to improve the articles. Gryffindor
BrianY (talk · contribs)
Cdlw93 (talk · contribs) Active when time permits Ravenclaw
Chantessy (talk · contribs) Leave me a message if you need help with anything. Active in podcasting and wizard rock but open to anything. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw or Slytherin or Hufflepuff
Chomeara (talk · contribs) I'm come and go when time allows Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw
ClaudiaM (talk · contribs) Occasionally active, vigorously so when I am Gryffinclaw!
Coolshava (talk · contribs) Whatever time allows, just fan and mild editor Ravenclaw, where the smart are allowed to have cool stuff!
Ramtashaniku (talk · contribs) Actively battling mudbloods and muggles Slytherin
Creamypeanutbutter (talk · contribs) Active- perusing recent HP article changes for typos and completely incorrect info. Ravenclaw
Cybertooth85 (talk · contribs) Actively removing errors with Grammaticus Scourgify Ravenclaw
Dabomb87 (talk · contribs)
Daniella95 (talk · contribs) Active (For the First Time!) Gryffindor
DanSand (talk · contribs) Active when possible Umm Hufflepuff, I sure am modest.
darikana (talk · contribs) Active (New) Ravenclaw
David (talk · contribs)
Deathphoenix (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA) Annoyed Hufflepuff
Adi21124 (talk · contribs) Active (For the First Time!) Gryffindor
Dendodge (talk · contribs) Active I'd like to be in Gryffindor but I'm more of a Ravenclaw type. The hat might take my choice into account though.
DiScOrD tHe LuNaTiC (talk · contribs) Lurking, mainly concerned with neutrality. Grrrrrrryffindor! Or maybe Ravenclaw. Or Hufflepuff. Or Slytherin.
DorTheScripter (talk · contribs) Attempting to eliminate the remining death eaters. Griffindor.
drak2 (talk · contribs) Not as active as he once was, but still error checking Gryfindor
Dylankidwell (talk · contribs) Active when needs be Ravenclaw
Eley (talk · contribs) Ravenclaw
ewe2 (talk · contribs) here, sir Slytherin infiltrator
Faithlessthewonderboy (talk · contribs) Battling the Death Eaters one article at a time. Ravenclaw
Fbv65edel (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
Genesedai (talk · contribs) Active when possible Gryffindor/Ravenclaw
Gran2 (talk · contribs) Super active I'm going to go against this trend seeming to be appearing and say Hufflepuff, just for a laugh
GlassCobra (talk · contribs) Editor Gryffindor
Happy-melon (talk · contribs) Editor, universe-mover, bulk editor using WP:AWB
Evil_Genius77 (talk · contribs) Editor, working on movie pages. Slytherin - Lucius Malfoy forever!
Hariki (talk · contribs) Going to Meet J.K. Rowling Ravenclaw/Gryffindor/Slytherin
hangman005 (talk · contribs) Active when possible Slytherin
Hpfan9374 (talk · contribs) Active in wizard rock related articles, specifically "Hogwarts is my home"
Hussein Ibrahim (talk · contribs) Ravenclaw
Hyperskier96 (talk · contribs) Currently reading through series for 300th time All of them
ISAYsorry (talk · contribs) Active only on weekends and breaks Slytherin
JediActor1998 (talk · contribs) Reading the fifth book and excited for the seventh film! Gryffindor
joubajoubawa (talk · contribs) Gryffindor
Jocullen84 (talk · contribs) Ravenclaw
Ka5hmir (talk · contribs) Ravenclaw
Ko2007 (talk · contribs) Currently on Vandal Patrol Gryffindor
Korn22x (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
KyleRGiggs (talk · contribs) Contributor of WikiProject Harry Potter Participant Section, Editor Gryffindor
Lady Chaos (talk · contribs) Active
Lemonflash (talk · contribs) Active
Lilac_Soul (talk · contribs)
livingdeaddolls (talk · contribs) Active when I can be Gryffindor/Ravenclaw
Lizzie Harrison (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
lous1999 (talk · contribs) Always active when possible Gryffindor
Lucius malfoy7 (talk · contribs) Active when I can get on the computer Slytherin
Mercury McKinnon (talk · contribs)
Miagirljmw14 When I can get on the computer at school or at the Librery. Gryffindor!
Musicpvm (talk · contribs)
Neptune's Ivory Active when I can. Ravenclaw
Onomatopoeia (talk · contribs) Semi-active, resident WikiOgre Durmstrang
PeaceNT (talk · contribs) Active
Phi*n!x (talk · contribs) trying to clean up all the in-universe-ness Ravenclaw
PNW Raven (talk · contribs) Still Active Ravenclaw
PoliticalJunkie (talk · contribs) Gryffindor
Random Devil (talk · contribs) Active when I need to be Ravenclaw
Reeba (talk · contribs) Gryffindor
rgoodermote (talk · contribs) currently on vandal patrol Gryffindor
Sandpiper (talk · contribs)
Serendipodous (talk · contribs)
shelbertoluvsharrypotter (talk · contribs) active member of SPEW Ravenerthin
Shmooshkums (talk · contribs) Active when I can Gryffindor
Shrewpelt (talk · contribs)
Shruti14 (talk · contribs) Active when possible 30% each in Gryffindor & Ravenclaw, 20% each in Hufflepuff and Slytherin :-)
Smokizzy (talk · contribs)
Smartjoe299 (talk · contribs) Active when possible Ravenclaw
autumnmaple101 (talk · contribs) Active when I can Gryffindor
SevenLeaves (talk · contribs) Active when not screaming at Wizard Rock Stars Gryffindor(I Hope)
Staxringold (talk · contribs) Active, looking for editing subjects
Tennispro45 (talk · contribs) Want to contribute Ravenclaw
Tarheel95 (talk · contribs) Editor/Contributor Slytherin
T-dot (talk · contribs) Editor / contributor, WP:CVU, acting Mediator and WP:RfC Moderator Slythindor Huffleclaw
TFunk (talk · contribs) Editor / Contributor Gryffindor
The dark lord trombonator (talk · contribs) Apparating in and out while trying to procrastinate OWLS Ravenclaw -- "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure"
Thehelpfulone (talk · contribs) Active, working on Harry Potter atm. Griffindor of course!
Therequiembellishere (talk · contribs) Highly active, trying to save pages at the moment Ravenclaw
TimySmidge (talk · contribs) Highly active when time permits 60% Ravenclaw, 20% Gryfinndor, 20% Slytherin.
Useight (talk · contribs) Active editor of Harry Potter related articles. Mostly WikiGnoming. Gryffindor
Valley2city (talk · contribs) Actively editing Harry Potter acticles, creating conspiracy theories on the talk pages Gryffinclaw or Ravendor
Walterk29 (talk · contribs) Active
Xhandler (talk · contribs) Ravenclaw
MacMad (talk · contribs) Battling Death Eaters Ravenclaw
Khanele (talk · contribs) Active when possible Ravenclaw
Marco 1094 (talk · contribs) Editor
Cream147 (talk · contribs) I'm active again now Three cheers for Ravenclaw!
Lord Opeth (talk · contribs) Editor No house, Voldemort taught me the Dark Arts himself lol
keyblade Mage (talk · contribs) I lost my life, so I'm looking for it here Can I be in Durmstrang?
addy-g-indahouse (talk · contribs) Wish to be active This side up/FRAGILE, handle with care
Cheviot (talk · contribs) Active
jcsrauch (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor, though nearly placed in Ravenclaw or Slytherin
Portia1780 (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
Legendary (talk · contribs) Active as much as possible I prefer castles :)
Shelbertoluvsharrypotter (talk · contribs) active memeber of SPEW Ravenclaw
Trekky0623 (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
Kumiko2412 (talk · contribs) Active when possible Slytherin
Yengkit19 (talk · contribs) Partially Active Hufflepuff
Peach-cherry! (talk · contribs) Active if I can Go Griffindor!
EmeraldEarth (talk · contribs) Active, as much as possible Gryffindor!!(true through and through!!)
Severa (talk · contribs) Active Slytherin
Anakinjmt (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor (I always get sorted into Gryffindor, always)
Grey Maiden (talk · contribs) Active whenever school permits Slytherin
Student Learner 101 (talk · contribs) Always here to help! Improve Wikipedia is my mission! Griffindor
CJ King (talk · contribs) Active when I can be Don't know
Monisha_Ayita (talk · contribs) Active, when I can help! Slytherin!
Jibajabba (talk · contribs) I do as much as I can! Ravenclaw
Angelica K (talk · contribs) A new person around that's ready to help out! Hope I'm doing this right.... Ravenclaw with healthy doses of Slythindor
KittyCollier (talk · contribs) Edits sometimes, still active Ravenclaw
Ka5hmir (talk · contribs) Active as much as possible Ravenclaw
Beggarsbanquet (talk · contribs) Try to help when I can Ravenclaw
Cincydude55 (talk · contribs) Active User Gryffindor
zja2 (talk · contribs) Active whenever I can be Ravenclaw
S.C.Ruffeyfan (talk · contribs) Active whenever I can be Gryffindor. (Even though I am a fan of Lord Voldemort. Oops, I said his name)
Edsonland (talk · contribs) I help with and when I can Hogwarts (no specific house)
Goofgoobers (talk · contribs) Very active, I'll try to help when I can. Ravenclaw
Emma_Moore (talk · contribs) Active, I'll try to help when I can. Ravenclaw
Basketball110 (talk · contribs) Active, or at least I try Ravenclaw
Winto100 (talk · contribs) Active, I'll do what I can to improve Wikipedia. Gryffindor
BlackPearl14 (talk · contribs) Active; I'm very dedicated to Wikipedia! Don't worry, mates, Harry's in my head more than Pirates is ;D Gryffindor
Jammy0002 (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor
Tk420 (talk · contribs) Not very active! Hufflepuff
Hiei-Touya-icedemon (talk · contribs) Active when possible Ravenclaw
Professor Calculus (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor
Ladywitchthought (talk · contribs) Be active when possible Griffindor
AP Shinobi (talk · contribs) Active
Tyciol (talk · contribs)
Birdiew (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor
Kurtcool2 (talk · contribs) Improving articles the right way Gryffindor, cause I'm brave. P.m or email me to talk to me.
Princess Janay (talk · contribs) Ruling Slytherin, of course! Slytherin. Power is everything, is it not?
Xanormin (talk · contribs) I be editing Slytherin
Kcharles (talk · contribs) Writing Gryffindor
Terraskye (talk · contribs) Active Hufflepuff
Bia deadly delight (talk · contribs) Looking for articles to edit Hufflepuff
Jacob696 (talk · contribs) Actively loking for articles to edit Gryffindor, duh....
Albus1976 (talk · contribs) Want to help but unsure how to get started - am scared of mucking up! Gryffindor..must be bolder!
Kellen6049 (talk · contribs) Active when I can Ravenclaw
Avery50000 (talk · contribs) Active when I can Gryffindor
Gears of War (talk · contribs) Copyediting all the articles I can find Gryffindor
ArmoredPersonel (talk · contribs) Patrolling the hallways Gryffindor
Queenqpawn (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor
3loodlust (talk · contribs) Active when forcibly pried from bookshelf. Slytherin (and feeling outnumbered by Gryffindors O_O)
User:Itfc+canes=me Active Gryffindor
Wyatt915 (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw/Gryffindor
Leolisa1997 (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor
Res2216firestar (talk · contribs) Big fan, I want to help Hufflepuff (did I spell it right?)
Bovineboy2008 (talk · contribs)
NHL09addict (talk · contribs) Big fan of both(NHL09 and Harry Potter) Gryffindor
TheUnfortunate (talk · contribs) 'm pretty good with HP Ravenclaw
Graymornings (talk · contribs) Currently working to bring Harry Potter in translation up to Good Article status, would like to help with international/translation/American English issues. Ravenclaw
Roarke Stratton (talk · contribs) Will work on editing and contributions when available. Passionate about the series and want to help keep the articles in tip-top shape. Gryffindor
WestJet (talk · contribs) Will help where I can! Gryffindor (so I can steal Oliver Wood's clothing)
Wikiisaac (talk · contribs) I will do what I can to help! Ravenclaw
Pmlinediter (talk · contribs) I will edit all Harry Potter articles Ravenclaw
SmartM&M (talk · contribs) I am big fan, and I come from another Wikipedia that has just me who is intersed in this articles, so I have to know what are your plans, so I can change/update mine articles on mine Wikipedia. But I also want to make LUNA LOVEGOOD article work again. Gryffindor (I so fit in this house), but maybe Ravenclaw because I love Luna.
Amorymeltzer (talk · contribs) It's really more of an apartment...
Infocraze (talk · contribs) Active when I can Gryffindor
Taliskerbay (talk · contribs) editing, adding etc. etc. (know my s&!t). Ravenclaw
RyannnMaccc (talk · contribs) Active!!!! Hufflepuff
0L1 (talk · contribs)
Aidoflight (talk · contribs)
AiselneDrossel (talk · contribs)
Anthrcer (talk · contribs)
Austinsimcox (talk · contribs)
BeastKing89 (talk · contribs)
codingmasters (talk · contribs)
Daggoth (talk · contribs)
Danahuff (talk · contribs)
Dragix (talk · contribs)
Drboisclair (talk · contribs)
Dread Pirate Felix (talk · contribs)
Dvyjones (talk · contribs)
E Brown3 (talk · contribs)
EH74DK (talk · contribs)
englishfun (talk · contribs)
Exploding Boy (talk · contribs)
FeralDruid (talk · contribs)
Fieryrogue (talk · contribs)
Gary Kirk (talk · contribs)
Gondovia567 (talk · contribs)
Hunterthomasholloway (talk · contribs)
Iakd87 (talk · contribs)
Imagine Wizard (talk · contribs)
Jibajabba (talk · contribs)
John Reaves (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA)
J S Firefox (talk · contribs)
Kizor (talk · contribs)
Kiwiboy1221 (talk · contribs)
Ko2007 (talk · contribs)
Kyriakos (talk · contribs)
labrt2004 (talk · contribs)
L06ChBea (talk · contribs)
LILLYofTHEsouth (talk · contribs)
Luna131 (talk · contribs)
Malinaccier (talk · contribs)
Mark E (talk · contribs)
mbatman72 (talk · contribs)
MerlinsPants (talk · contribs)
Michaelsanders (talk · contribs)
Monkeymox (talk · contribs)
Mrobfire (talk · contribs)
NetherlandishYankee (talk · contribs)
Pachoolao (talk · contribs)
Padfoot Black (talk · contribs)
TheDalek (talk · contribs)
Punk-Lova (talk · contribs)
RHB (talk · contribs)
R.Stratton (talk · contribs)
Saturn star (talk · contribs)
Secrecy Sensor (talk · contribs)
Shrewpelt (talk · contribs)
Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA)
Shreshth91 (talk · contribs)
Sith Penguin Lord (talk · contribs)
SJJTITAN (talk · contribs)
Solar Sunstorm (talk · contribs)
Sportman2 (talk · contribs)
Stu42 (talk · contribs)
Tuvas (talk · contribs)
the pink panther (talk · contribs)
TonyJoe (talk · contribs)
Webdinger (talk · contribs)
Walters1 (talk · contribs)
WiiFitLaptop (talk · contribs)
Wongdai (talk · contribs)
Within the Veil (talk · contribs)
Xhandler (talk · contribs)
Josh_VC (talk · contribs)
yengkit19 (talk · contribs)
Peach-cherry! (talk · contribs)
Paint-art (talk · contribs)
Olanis (talk · contribs)
Cheesefee (talk · contribs)
Melbrooksfan101 (talk · contribs)
Winto100 (talk · contribs)
ComputerGuy890100 (talk · contribs)
Aleta (talk · contribs)
hanjay09 (talk · contribs)
KC109 (talk · contribs)
metaMorph721 (talk · contribs)
Jomunro (talk · contribs)
Kellen6049 (talk · contribs)
TheUnfortunate (talk · contribs)
SmartM&M (talk · contribs)
Tommyvilla47 (talk · contribs)
Parthashome (talk · contribs) Active whenever I can be Gryffindor
Starstriker7 (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
Nk3play2 (talk · contribs) Active when I have information Gryffindor
krishvanth (talk · contribs) Alive and kickin' Yeah, got one.
Adyniz (talk · contribs) Active when possible Gryffindor.
Panther991 (talk · contribs) Totally obsessed with Harry Potter- ready to write or (mostly) correct articles Can't decide between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw- I think Ravenclaw.
HPotterFreak (talk · contribs) Active when possible Gryffindor
BlackPearl14 (talk · contribs) Although I'm generally brilliant -rolls eyes- haha Gryffindor
JaidynM (talk · contribs) Busy being awesome and fighting of death eaters.... Gryffindor
Angelikfire (talk · contribs) Correcting and spellchecking articles; active on and off. Hufflepuff
BlueNeuron (talk · contribs) Anything I'm capable of doing. Gryffindor
Yoire (talk · contribs) editing death eater pages
Guy546 (talk · contribs) Gryffindor
In Donaldismo Veritas (talk · contribs) I might do some work here. My main reason for signed up is that I'm a member of the Swedish Project:Harry Potter. Ravenclaw
Percyfangirl44 (talk · contribs) Hi, I would love to help. Gryffindor
Barkjon (talk · contribs) Would like to help with this WP. Gryffindor!
Hereforhomework2 (talk · contribs) I LOVE the series. Gryffindor forever.
Glimmer721 (talk · contribs) Very active!! Ravenclaw; I'm a bookworm.
EWikist (talk · contribs) ...Trying to think of a status... This user believes that houses are irrelevant in judging a wizard.
Waterfox (talk · contribs) Still completely addicted to HP. Slytherin
Carl Sixsmith (talk · contribs) More a book fan than a film. None. It's not real.
Elizium23 (talk · contribs) Currently on Vandal Patrol Hufflepuff
Rijz (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor
Lily075 (talk · contribs) Active when I can Ravenclaw
SnowFlake91x (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor
soumikc7 (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor(Garudwar)
AndrewvdBK (talk · contribs) Active when time permits Slytherin all the way (though perhaps Ravenclaw)
Edenc1 (talk · contribs) Gryffindor
dragonphoenix (talk · contribs) active Ravenclaw
Spock of Vulcan (talk · contribs) I can work on anything, but I especially enjoy copy editing. Ravenclaw
Keys767 (talk · contribs) Copyeditor and destroyer of American English (in 'British' articles) Ravenclaw
Albusforever88 (talk · contribs) Super active Gryffindor
Who Am I Why Am I Here (talk · contribs) As active as I can be Ravenclaw
Hello, I'm a Wikipedian! (talk · contribs) Will work on anything Gryffindor (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
GoodLunaLove (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw, of course
DonEd (talk · contribs) Taking a short break. Involved with the video game side of Potter. ...Hufflepuff or Gryffindor... we'll see what PotterMore says!
RedSoxFan2434 (talk · contribs) Active when possible
Dmcl404 (talk · contribs) Sad the books are over Slytherin
Silver Diadem (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
MrEngineer13 (talk · contribs) Active Ravenclaw
Jhenderson777 (talk · contribs) Active Gryffindor
wezzer1991 (talk · contribs) Anything that needs doing i am willing to help, as i am a self confessed harry potter nerd. Ravenclaw
Minigoody101 (talk · contribs) Happy to help Ravenclaw
Novelust (talk · contribs) Active as often as possible as of 15th May, 2013 Ravenclaw
NikaGirl (talk · contribs) Sorta Active, Happy to help! :D Slytherin
R.M. 221 (talk · contribs) Active, proofreading Hufflepuff
Football1607 (talk · contribs) Active in everything! Hufflepuff
Clareannette (talk · contribs) New, keen to help with anything Hufflepuff
AfroThundr3007730 (talk · contribs) Casually Active Gryffindor
Rocky Role Casually Active Hufflepuff
Zussman1 Casually Active Ravenclaw
Chickie4 Checking for errors Gryffindor

Known to have left[edit]

  1. Carmelapple
  2. Evilphoenix
  3. Hermione1980
  4. Jordan5001
  5. Phnx2ashes
  6. RiverlarkZ
  7. Streamwater
  8. Sugarpine
  9. Spyke1077
  10. Spider1224