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This page contains a list of image resources which may be useful to WikiProject Hawaii, for enhancing articles within its scope. Many excellent images can be found on Wikimedia Commons, especially in the categories listed at right. Note that many images which are available on Commons are not properly categorized yet, so it is helpful to also search directly for images there.

Thousands of other useful free images can be found on the websites listed below. In general, free images from these sites should be uploaded to Commons instead of the English Wikipedia, so that they can easily be used in Wikipedia articles in any language.

Please add any other useful websites to the lists below, along with any search tips.

Search tips[edit]

Public domain image resources[edit]

Sites which have photos related to Hawaii:

USGS Hawaii Data Clearinghouse

Specific USGS photo CD collections:

Other free image resources[edit]

Submitting photograph requests[edit]

If you are unable to find any free images of your desired subject, please submit requests so another Wikipedian can photograph your image.

  • Attach the tag {{reqphoto|in=Hawaii|of=((State your reason why here))}} to the talk page(s) of the article(s) where you intend to place the photograph(s)
  • At the article's WikiProject Hawaii template, add the tag "imageneeded=yes"
  • Post your request at Commons:Commons:Picture_requests#Hawaii
  • Because many Japanese are tourists in Hawaii, it may help to duplicate your request on the Japanese Wikipedia. If you know Japanese, state your request at ja:Wikipedia:画像提供依頼. If you do not know Japanese, state your request at ja:Wikipedia:Chatsubo and ask the participants for help on adding it to the Japanese Wikipedia's image request page. Members will help you with your requests. If the Japanese Wikipedia has an article about your request or an article that could use the image you are requesting, post the following at the top of the article page (not the talk page):{{画像提供依頼|(State your request here)|date=(year)年(month)月}}
  • For requests regarding military bases, see also Wikipedia:MHL#Requests for new photos
  • In addition, look through Category:Wikipedians in Hawaii and perhaps individually contact some editors who live on the island where your request is, and see if they are willing to photograph it

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