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Assessment Department

Welcome to the assessment department of WikiProject Hello! Project! This department focuses on identifying and assessing the quality of Wikipedia's articles about or related to Hello! Project. While much of the work is done in conjunction with the Wikipedia: Version 1.0 Editorial Team program, the article ratings are also used within the project itself to aid in recognizing excellent contributions and identifying topics in need of further work.

Hello! Project-related articles are tagged with the {{WikiProject Hello!Project}} template in their respective talk pages, and thus are under the scope of WikiProject Hello! Project. However, if you find an article that has the template but it's not related to Hello! Project in any way, feel free to remove the tag, and optionally leave a note on the article's talk page (or directly with the person who tagged the article).

Hello! Project-related articles can be assessed by supplying the appropriate input in the class and importance parameters of the aforementioned template.

{{WikiProject Hello!Project | class= | importance= }}

Any participant of WikiProject Hello! Project is welcome to assess—or re-assess—an article. In order to assess an article, please consult the assessment scales below. However, if you want to request for an assessment, or a re-assessment, of an article, please do so below. Any comments and disagreements about an assessment, please post on the talk page and we will discuss the matter until we come to a consensus as to the best rating.

See also: Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Assessment FAQ

Assessment scales[edit]


WikiProject article quality grading scheme


Importance or priority must be regarded as a relative term. If importance values are applied within a specific project, these only reflect the perceived importance to this project. An article judged to be "Top-Importance" in one this project's context may be only "Low-Importance" for another project.

Requests for assessments[edit]