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The HWY Cup is a contest similar to the WikiCup, but relating to articles within the scope of WikiProject Highways. This contest has been run a few times in the past as the USRD Cup, the only main difference being that those contests limited the scope even further to only articles within the scope of WikiProject U.S. Roads, a subproject of WikiProject Highways.


The remainder of the HWY Cup will go as follows with regards to the schedule.

Round 3 (August 4-31)

The scoring system is located here.


The editors will not be pooled; all qualified editors will compete in one pool for all three rounds. The top seven editors in Round 1 will advance to Round 2, and the top four editors in Round 2 will advance to Round 3. The top scorer in Round 3 is the champion.


2014 HWY Cup Standings as of August 31, 2014 Highest score wins the HWY Cup
Participant Content Media RJL Project Bonus Total
New Jersey Mr. Matté (Submissions) 212.994 762.147 31.757 0 125.000 1,131.898
Flag of the Commonwealth (1658-1660).svg Rcsprinter (Submissions) 0 1,028.990 0 0 75.000 1,103.990
Iowa Fredddie (Submissions) 12.768 487.646 156.373 69.332 90.000 816.119
Ontario Floydian (Submissions) 144.720 125.373 0 30.135 15.000 315.228

Round 3 of the HWY Cup is over, and submissions are closed! Thank you to everyone for participating. Final scores and winner will be announced within next few hours... –TCN7JM

Any questions?[edit]

If you have any questions or comments about anything regarding the Cup this year, please send them to the talk page of this page.