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Godess Durga

This is the Shaktism workgroup of WikiProject Hinduism. Shakti the divine feminine principle in Hinduism in her various manifestations is worshipped by Shaktas in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Participants interested in furthering knowledge in all manifestations of Shakti are invited to participate

Join Us[edit]

Godess Kali

These are some things you can do to improve the quality of Wikipedia coverage of Shaktism.

  1. Attract attention from editors interested in Shaktism and Shaktism-related topics.
  2. Look over the recent changes list for recent improvements to articles, other changes, and vandalism.
  3. Create collaborative projects to systematically improve coverage.
    • Possibly including:
    1. A regular collaboration.
    2. Adopted Topic, where a suite of topically related articles are targeted for improvement until there's a consensus to move on to a new topic.
    3. Article Review, for articles nominated by members for wider review. In this case the new ones go at the top and sink as new ones are added. (see here)
    4. Bring a more neutral voice to articles .
  4. Improve existing articles to handle tags for unreferenced, copyedit needed, cleanup needed, expansion needed, and POV warning.
  5. Add more reward templates or barnstars and have people in the task force actually watching logs and rewarding key contributors.
  6. Invite other editors to join the group by typing {{Invite to the Shaktism project}} in their user page which will be visible as below


How to create a Good article[edit]

11 easy steps to producing at least a B article
Starting from scratch and want to know how to take it from "0 to 60"? Follow these helpful tips! Some parts are also useful for already-existing articles.

Type a title:
and click "Create page"

  1. Create a new page.
  2. Create an outline for the article you started:
  3. Add the appropriate infobox.
  4. Add the {{Hinduismportal}} to the article and the {{WikiProject Hinduism/Shaktism}} template to the Talk page.
  5. Populate your article with images such as obtained from Wikimedia Commons, image list, or by posting a request for an image from other Wikipedians.
  6. Add the appropriate categories.
    • Since categories at the bottom of the articles interwiki linked in your article may be appropriate to place in your article, go through each interwiki link in your article and review the categories at the bottom of the linked article for inclusion in your article.
  7. Confirm that the interwiki links, footnotes, and external (non-wiki) links in your article go where you want them to go.
  8. Post an article request at Wikipedia:Requested articles for each broken (red) interwiki link in your article OR remove the double brackets around the broken interwiki link OR write that article as well (these are your only three choices).
  9. Publicize your article by ...
  10. Request peer review of your article ONLY after you believe that you completed all the above steps.
  11. Relax! and take a break if you reached this point. You deserve it!


Durga big.jpg This user is a proud member of WikiProject Shaktism.

Userbox enthusiasts can put this {{User WikiProject Shaktism}} to show they are a member of this project.


You can award editors making substantial contributions to Shaktism related topics by typing {{Star of Shaktism}} and enter the reason of citation in the template on the user talk page to look like this

List of recipients of the Star of Shaktism[edit]

Dont forget to add the awardee's name down below in the list of awardees

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To do list[edit]

  • Upgrade Durga to a GA status article
  • Assess articles
  • please add any task you notice needs attention