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Some Wikipedians have formed a project to improve the organisation and quality of articles related to the Hindustani language and all allied languages/dialects, either to itself or to one of its registers, Hindi or Urdu. The project is a direct child of the Indian Wikiproject, however Pakistanis are welcome to join this project, provided they understand or want to understand the relationships among the concerned languages linguistically and not ideologically(same holds for Indian nationalists too).

If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.


The scope of this article fundamentally is loosely defined as all articles and sections relating to Uttar Pradesh. Almost all of these will be (eventually) categorised under Category:Uttar Pradesh and Category:India


  1. To produce as many Featured Articles as possible related to the above mentioned languages.


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Descendant or Allied/Similar WikiProjects[edit]


We will try to come up with a portal once we have a strong base of articles.


Naming conventions[edit]

Indic naming conventions are to be generally followed in the Wikiproject. The page specifically mentions about Arabic-derived scripts as well.


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WikiProject Hindustani and allied languages notice[edit]

Place this WikiProject notice Template:WP India at the top of an article's Talk page to direct editors to the WikiProject Uttar Pradesh for guidelines. On pages of Urdu/Hindustani/dialects of Urdu spoken in Pakistan, etc. place the WikiProject notice Template:WP Pakistan too.

To use it, place {{WP India|bengal=yes}} at the top of an article's Talk page.


To do


To do

Featured and Good Content[edit]

LinkFA-star.png Must be FA
  1. Hindustani
  2. Urdu
  3. Hindi
  4. Devanagari
  5. Nastaliq
  6. Bhojpuri
  7. Awadhi
  8. Braj bhasha
  9. Marwari
  10. Maithili
  11. Gujarati
LinkFA-star.png Featured articles/candidates
  1. Syed Ahmed Khan Yes check.svg2 November 2006 (Featured:3 February, 2007)
  2. Muhammad Iqbal Yes check.svg6 July 2006 (Featured:19 December, 2006)

LinkFA-star.png On FA path
  1. Hindustani
  2. Hindi
  3. Urdu

LinkFA-star.png Featured pictures/candidates
  1. Taj Mahal

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