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About Us

The Review Department of WikiProject History aims to review and assess history-related articles through processes that draw editors from a variety of history-related WikiProjects. Current participants include members of the following WikiProjects:

The History Review Department has one review manager, though the seat is currently vacant. The review coordinator appoints two delegates to assist him or her in closing reviews. The delegates' seats are also vacant, pending appointments. Any member of a history-related WikiProject is allowed to review articles, and it is strongly encouraged for members to review articles out of their normal subject area.

The department is also responsible for nominating certain history-related articles for the elevated status of Good and Featured Articles.

Peer Review

Peer review[edit]

The Peer review process is designed to provide ideas for improvement and expansion of articles within our scope by subjecting them to closer scrutiny from a broader group of editors

Once an article is nominated, it will remain on the list untill the nominator feels he/she has gained enough feedback. Old nominations can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject History/Review/Peer review/Peer review archive

How to request[edit]

To add a nomination:

  1. Add {{subst:PR}} to the top of the article's talk page and save it, creating a peer review notice to notify other editors of the review.
  2. Within the notice, click where instructed to open a new peer review discussion page. If there is no such link in the notice, see this.
  3. Complete the new page as instructed. Remember to note the kind of comments/contributions you want, and/or the sections of the article you think need reviewing. Add "history" to the topic parameter like so: {{Peer review page|topic=history}}.
  4. Save the page with the four tildes (~~~~) at the end of your request to sign it. Your peer review will be listed automatically on this page within an hour.
  5. Consult the volunteers list for assistance. An excellent way to get reviews is to review a few other requests without responses and ask for reviews in return.

Current requests[edit]

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