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General information (edit · changes)
Infoboxes, Userboxes, and Templates

Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organise information in articles related to Homeschooling. If you would like to help, please enquire on the talk page. New members are welcome to join, and update the to-do list. The associated talk page serves as a forum for related collaboration of articles within the project's scope.

Searchtool.svg Scope[edit]

This WikiProject's scope includes anything that has to do with homeschooling. Articles within this project's scope are assessed by quality and importance boundaries, when the WikiProject Homeschooling template is placed on those articles.

  • The importance scale will assess articles based upon their importance as it relates to the WikiProject. For example, an article about a person who was or is homeschooled would be within this project's "scope", but it would not be as high on the importance scale as the Homeschooling article itself.
  • The quality scale determines the article's quality, how well it is written, and the length of the article, regardless of how it is ranked on the importance scale. In the event that the article is within the scope of multiple WikiProjects, the article should usually receive the quality assessment grade by all of the WikiProjects.


General goals[edit]

Specific goals[edit]

Gnome globe current event.svg Newsroom[edit]

The newsroom publishes our project's monthly newsletter, which contains information on our project, members, and collaboration information.


The Collaboration department seeks to identify particular articles that would benefit from a significant collaborative effort. Every month, a single article is selected as the focus, and the project attempts to improve it, potentially to featured article standards. Any articles dealing with some aspect of Homeschooling are eligible, and everyone is invited to nominate articles.

Open voting

Month Possible articles
August 2010 Alternative Education
Closed voting
Month Selected article
March 2008 Homeschooling
April 2008 Tim Tebow
May 2008 Distance education
June 2008 Home School Legal Defense Association
July 2010 Alternative education

Stock post message.svg Articles[edit]

Quality articles[edit]

Featured articles
GA-Class articles


Copy and paste the template:

{{WikiProject Homeschooling}}

on the talk pages of homeschooling articles.

Adopt an article[edit]



Assistance required[edit]

  • No articles currently requiring assistance

Presa de decissions.png Membership[edit]

List of Members[edit]

This is the list of members of WikiProject Homeschooling. There is no commitment to becoming a member. Members will receive the project's newsletter unless they request otherwise on the project's talk page.


  1. Here2HelpWiki (talk) 21:37, 12 November 2013 (UTC)- Homeschooled! Glad to be apart of this!
  2. PrincessofLlyr (talk · contribs · count) - Homeschooled and moderately active around WP. Glad to help with anything!
  3. Bejinhan (talk · contribs · count) - Homeschool graduate (was homeschooled for more than 10 years). Very active in WP.
  4. Princess Lirin (talk · contribs · count) — Homeschool graduate (now in college).
  5. Herr Beethoven (talk · contribs · count)
  6. TypewriterGirl (talk · contribs · count) I'm homeschooled, so I'll join, but I'm a newbie and not sure what to do.
  7. AirplanePro (talk · contribs · count) I'm interested. Homeschooled 5 years and counting.
  8. Robbie0513 (talk · contribs · count)
  9. Classical Esther (talk · contribs · count) I'm neither an expert or an enthusiast, but I will try to help when I can!
  10. (talk · contribs · count) I am a educator working with students in the school classroom setting. Let me know how I may help the WikiProject Homeschooling.
  11. AirplanePro2000 (talk · contribs · count) Couldn't hurt to just join, could it?
  12. WeijiBaikeBianji (talk · contribs · count) Homeschooling parent of four children (one now an adult off to university) and webmaster of a homeschooling website and homeschooling researcher for more than a decade. I mostly edit Wikipedia articles about other subjects, to avoid conflicts of interest, but I will keep an eye on the project and related pages.
  13. LewisWasGenius (talk)
  14. Ratkinzluver33 (talk · contribs) Homeschooled for 4 years and counting!
  15. XndrK Homeschooled and loving it!
  16. Goodenough4Wiki (talk · contribs) Joining to help the cause!
  17. Clarkcj12 (talk · contribs · count)
  18. Jak474 (talk · contribs) 12 yrs old and homeschooled since 2015 :)!
  19. Bobherry Userspace Talk to me! Stuff I have done 21:23, 23 February 2015 (UTC) I'm Homeschooled.
  20. Dfrr (talk · contribs) I can help with anything you need me to help withDfrr (talk) 23:24, 27 April 2015 (UTC)(Talk to me:-))

Withdrawn and/or Inactive[edit]

  1. Pepsi2786 (talk · contribs · count)
  2. Paulinho28 (talk · contribs · count)
  3. Trees Rock (talk · contribs · count)
  4. Frecklefoot (talk · contribs · count) - No guarantees, but will try to contribute.
  5. Ecoleetage (talk · contribs · count)
  6. Unschool (talk · contribs · count) — I think I'm interested, but I've never worked on a project, and no nothing about projects or task forces or whatever. Somebody needs to point me in the right direction.
  7. Carnildo (talk · contribs · count) - No time, but I might be able to drop in now and then.
  8. fox (talk · contribs · count)
  9. Wahoofive (talk · contribs · count)
  10. Diligent Terrier (talk · contribs · count) — (Founder)
  11. Aquzenn (talk · contribs · count)
  12. Wrad (talk · contribs · count)
  13. Zginder (talk · contribs · count)
  14. Tea and crumpets (talk · contribs · count)
  15. Kaylin814 (talk · contribs · count)
  16. RC-0722 (talk · contribs · count)
  17. Burner0718 (talk · contribs · count) — Won't be available 24/7 due to other stuff, but will be glad to help at least a little bit by answering questions and occasionally helping with big edits.
  18. ElisaEXPLOSiON (talk · contribs · count) — id love to join.
  19. Fusionmix (talk · contribs · count), formerly RedZionX (talk · contribs · count) — Count me in.
  20. Freechild (talk · contribs · count) — I have already contributed quiet a bit to hs-related articles on WP, and I shall proceed and continue to rock the mic right.
  21. Milk's Favorite Cookie (talk · contribs · count) Couldn't hurt. - Milk's Favorite Cookie 23:25, 28 February 2008 (UTC)
  22. (talk · contribs · count) preschooler@heart
  23. Juliancolton (talk · contribs · count) Eh, it can't hurt. Not sure how much I'll be able to contribute, though. Juliancolton The storm still blows... 02:51, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
  24. Basketball110 (talk · contribs · count) I'll just be here for project wise stuff. I don't know much about homeschooling, but as MFC said, it "couldn't hurt." Basketball110 20:05, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
  25. Chetblong (talk · contribs · count) I'll join since I'm a homeschooler. ChetblongT C 21:48, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
  26. E104421 (talk · contribs · count) I'd like to join and help the project. E104421 (talk) 21:48, 9 March 2008 (UTC)
  27. 5faizan (talk · contribs · count)
  28. BenjaminTeague123456 (talk · contribs · count)
  29. B.L.A.Z.E (talk · contribs · count)
  30. TangentIdea (talk · contribs · count) I'm not particularly skilled in wikification, but my skills generally lie more in the realms of copyediting. A homeschooler myself, having worked for various homeschool organizations and causes ([1], for one), I also have a significant amount of knowledge and experience in the subject area personally.
  31. Master Scott Hall (talk · contribs · count) Although a newbie as editor, my strengths are in research, focus, design, copyedit, and (hopefully) NPOV.
  32. Sam Spade (talk · contribs · count) I am good at mediation, advocation, article clean-up and NPOV enforcement.
  33. Jdavidb (talk · contribs · count)
  34. Alan Nicoll (talk · contribs · count) I want to be a part of this, I think, but don't have much time to devote to it and cannot commit to anything significant. Will contribute advice and perhaps resources as seems appropriate.
  35. Prettyxvacant (talk · contribs · count) (a.k.a. Lolly)
  36. OnFire4Jesus (talk · contribs · count)
  37. Amillion (talk · contribs · count)
  38. Tparameter (talk · contribs · count) - Accepting friendly invite by DiligentTerrier. I contribute to wikipedia every so often.
  39. Panic!out (talk · contribs · count) - Won't be making any huge editing changes or anything, but I'm homeschooled...
  40. Dumb All Over (talk · contribs · count) - Homeschooler, former professional, new to Wikipedia. Joined in response to post on
  41. Smuckers (talk · contribs · count) - I go to Laurel Springs School.
  42. Ryan (talk · contribs · count) - I am student at the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School.
  43. Web-Crawling Stickler (talk · contribs · count) - Mostly, just copy editing, with the occasional reference addition and so forth. (Graduated home school 2006.) I'm not very active on WP anymore, but I may occasionally help out a bit (about as often as I edit pages ;)).
  44. Ibinthinkin (talk · contribs · count) Having lots of fun with Wikipedia, look forward to helping out here.
  45. Dan Tromedlov (talk · contribs · count)
  46. Hamham31 (talk · contribs · count) I'am maybe newbie here, but I'am willing to share any ideas here, and always ready to help.
  47. Thehotwheelsguy99 (talk · contribs · count) - Homeschooled!!!


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Wikipedia Advertisement[edit]

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Inviting Members

The list below contains links to templates to recruit people for WikiProject Homeschooling. You can use them based upon whether the user is a homeschooler, interested in homeschooling, a WikiProject Alternative Education member, or a WikiProject Education member.

In those pages you will find instructions for adding the message to a user's talk page. Because we don't want users to get multiple messages, if you plan on helping to recruit members, please be sure to leave a note on our project's talk page and say you are doing so. It is also good to check the user's talk page before adding the template to the page. Also make sure you add a header on top of the message, as that is not included in the template.

Invitation templates
List of users to invite

There may be some people who are on more than one list, so be careful that they don't receive duplicate invitations.

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