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This is the page for HKRD article standards. All Wikipedia guidelines apply on HKRD articles.


Use {{Infobox road}} for roads in the route system, and {{Infobox street}} for streets.


The map should show where the road is, and where it starts and ends. The displayed image should not be bigger than 290 pixels wide and 172 pixels tall. Do not use the map parameter to display a photograph.

Major intersection[edit]

List routes, not streets using {{Jct}}, separated by <br>. There shouldn't be more than 10 intersections in one infobox.


List the route number before and after a number. Ex. Route 8 Route 9 Route 10


The lead should summarize the route description and history in two paragraphs.

Route description (or Description and features)[edit]

Describe the route from south to north, or west to east. Third level headings are not required. For interchanges, it can be titled "Description." Note that the "d" in "Route description" is not capitalized. The description should also tell the physical surroundings of the road.


This is for tunnels and bridges with toll only. This should cover the cost to drive the entire part of the route, how it assess tolls, and where toll plazas are located.


Put any historical information here.


Put any confirmed construction plans for the route here. This includes extensions and decommissions. Make sure plans are from reliable sources.

Junction list[edit]

Most roads (Including expressways) should use {{Jctint}} for a list of exits or intersections. For grade-separated interchanges, header should be "Exit List". For mixture of grade-separated interchanges and at-grade intersections, use "Major intersections", "Junction list", or "Exit list". For surface intersections, use "Major intersections", "Junction list", "Intersections". When adding intersections, please exclude unnamed paths. For pathways, trails or roads shorter than 1 kilometre (0.62 mi), RJLs are optional.

See also[edit]

Do not place links already in the article, but put something related.

External links[edit]

This is the place for links outside Wikipedia. {{Attached KML}}, {{Wikidata}}, {{Commonscat}} also go here.