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Welcome to the Human–Computer Interaction WikiProject! This project is intended to both increase awareness of and improve articles related to Human–Computer Interaction (HCI), and to provide a place for Wikipedians to collaborate on related topics. For more detailed information on the specifics of HCI, refer to the Human–Computer Interaction article. This project is intended to not only improve articles most directly related to HCI, but also to explore the related disciplines that have lead to the emergence of HCI as a principled discipline to inform system and interface design, hardware design, robotics design, social psychology and group formation, to start with. The goal of this project will be to better understand, organize, and improve topics related to this discipline to better communicate what HCI is and how it relates to similar fields such as User Experience Design (UX), Interaction Design (IXD), Human-Centered Design, along with many others.

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Welcome to the Human–Computer Interaction WikiProject.

This project deals with the categorization, creation, and improvement of articles under the purview of Human–Computer Interaction and related topics. Most articles within Category:Human–computer_interaction will be within the scope of this project.


Our understanding of technology and human's interaction with that technology has expanded notably since the proliferation of computational technologies in the consumer market. In the 1980s, much of the academic research in the area was based on a cognitive model, wherein a human's relationship to a computer was understood in terms of mental processes. People now generally embrace a more nuanced and behavioral understanding of how individuals identify with and utilize the technologies at their disposal. Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) is an attempt to acknowledge the richness of each individual's capacity to interact with technology and to better understand that interaction so more effective technologies can be created.


Ongoing Tasks[edit]

Open tasks can be broken down into a couple distinct groups. For specific tasks, look at the articles requiring improvement section below.

What How
Identify articles related to Human–Computer Interaction and tag them appropriately add Category:Human–computer interaction to the article page
add {{WikiProject Human–Computer Interaction}} to the top of the article talk page
Identify articles requiring more citations research those topics and add references to the sections needing support
Determine which articles related to HCI require further editing to effectively communicate their topic by identifying, tagging, and adding references
add the articles to Wikipedia:WikiProject_Human–Computer_Interaction/To_do so other group members can more easily identify and improve them
Suggest new articles to be created add new article suggestions to Wikipedia:WikiProject_Human–Computer_Interaction/Suggested_Articles
Find instructions, guidelines, and archived article assessment details for WikiProject HCI go to Wikipedia:WikiProject Human–Computer Interaction/Assessment
Identify unassessed articles by browsing the relevant Category page: Category:WikiProject_Human–Computer_Interaction_articles

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You can add a project template to your user page to show project membership:

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{{User WikiProject Human Computer Interaction}}

Or you can add your name to the member list below.

Articles requiring improvement[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Human–Computer_Interaction/To_do

Suggested new articles[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Human–Computer_Interaction/Suggested_Articles


In case the above template does not link to the correct discussion page, it should be possible to find it here. --KaiKemmann (talk) 12:52, 1 December 2016 (UTC)