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There appears to be support for a second Featured Topic Drive: the history of the National Hockey League. At the start of this drive, the parent article is in fairly rough shape. To encompass the full history of the league will require several child articles be created.

Any questions? Just leave them on the talk page.

NHL history[edit]

Alternate scope

Focus on the history articles alone, using a five article cluster. Stanley Cup can remain its own topic:

Triple Gold Club[edit]

Scope 1[edit]

  1. A "List of champions" topic with the TGC (current FLC), List of IIHF World Championship medalists (FL), List of Olympic medalists in ice hockey and List of Stanley Cup champions (FL). I think it seems a little forced though, although it might work (after all, the TGC is more a summary of the lists than the articles for the actual awards)

Scope 2[edit]

  1. Triple Gold Club (FLC), Stanley Cup (FA), Ice Hockey World Championships and either Ice hockey at the Winter Olympics or List of Olympic medalists in ice hockey.

Scope 3[edit]

  1. All six/seven articles.


Organizing tasks
Creation tasks
  • Determine how each article will be composed...uniform format for the History of articles
  • Identify key historical topics for discussion in articles
  • Delegate articles or article sections to project members
  • Images! I might contact the NHL to inquire about the potential for free images to be offered to improve these articles
  • Template - Modify part of {{NHL}} bring related articles together
Featured status tasks
  • Copyedits
  • Peer reviews
  • GA/FL/FA nominations
  • Nominate as a featured topic
Other tasks as identified



Featured Content[edit]




  • Hockey: A People's History
  • The Rebel League
  • Newspaper articles (yay microfiche!)
  • Backcheck
  • I also have a journal article lying around my house that covers hockey players in WWII.-Wafulz (talk) 19:58, 8 May 2008 (UTC)
  • CBC digital archives

My small collection:

  • Hockey Chronicle (2003 edition) by Morgan Hughes, Stan and Shirley Fischler, Joseph Romain, and James Duplacey. Small articles about everything hockey since 1900, including more detail on each year of the NHL through 2002-03.
    • Note: I have the 2007 edition-Wafulz (talk) 16:26, 11 May 2008 (UTC)
  • History of the Stanley Cup (not sure of correct title), 1960's. Available at my university library, as well as several other books.
  • Lords of the Rink by John Chi-Kit Wong. Chronicles the start of hockey, going form 1870's through to the 1930s. Includes original sources, such as NHA charter, Stanely Cup rules presented by Lord Stanley, etc.* Canuck Legends. Details the Vancouver Canucks.
  • After the Applause by Gordie Howe. Post-hockey lives of Howe, Hull, Richard, etc. Also details playing career. Kaiser matias (talk) 20:22, 8 May 2008 (UTC)

FT Criteria[edit]

  1. The articles should have a clear similarity with each other, should be in the same category, and should be grouped under one collective name that does not arbitrarily exclude items.
  2. The topic should have a lead article (History of the National Hockey League), which introduces and summarises the topic.
  3. There must be at least three separate articles.
  4. All articles in the series should be linked together, preferably using a template.
  5. There should not be any obvious gap (missing or stub article) in the topic.
  6. Each article should be of a good quality, including references. Not all articles need be featured class, but several should be. The rest must be all Good Articles or A class except where achieving such a class is impossible. Expect an audit of all articles not Featured or Good status to ensure that they are of a quality consistent enough with the other topics.


As well as these requirements, the following are recommended:

  • The structure of the articles should be similar, having the same section titles and order where possible.
  • The articles should use a common infobox when reasonable.
  • Each article should have been peer reviewed.
  • The topic should not be too big. There is no maximum number of articles, but as a rule-of-thumb any topic with more than 20 entries can likely be broken down into sub-topics. For example, Science fiction movies would be too large a topic, but Star Trek movies would be good. This rule-of-thumb does not apply to items in a series. For example, every article from 1st Canadian Parliament to 39th Canadian Parliament could be included in one topic.

Already featured topic(s)[edit]

25 articles
Featured list National Hockey League awards
Hhof stanley cup.jpg
Featured article Stanley Cup
Featured list List of Stanley Cup champions
Featured list O'Brien Trophy
Featured list Prince of Wales Trophy
Featured list Clarence S. Campbell Bowl
Featured list Presidents' Trophy
Featured list Jack Adams Award
Featured list Art Ross Trophy
Featured list Calder Memorial Trophy
Featured list Conn Smythe Trophy
Featured list Roger Crozier Saving Grace Award
Featured list Hart Memorial Trophy
Featured list William M. Jennings Trophy
Featured list King Clancy Memorial Trophy
Featured list Lady Byng Memorial Trophy
Featured list Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy
Demoted article Mark Messier Leadership Award
Featured list NHL Foundation Player Award
Featured list James Norris Memorial Trophy
Featured list Ted Lindsay Award
Featured list NHL Plus-Minus Award
Featured list Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy
Featured list Frank J. Selke Trophy
Featured list Vezina Trophy