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Welcome to the Idol series WikiProject! We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Idol series. For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and the Guide to WikiProjects.

Management: This WikiProject has no manager, everyone and anyone who chooses to participate in this WikiProject is free to edit and manage however much they like.


  • Improve, organize, and expand articles relating to the Idol series.


  • Television series in the Idol format, licensed by FremantleMedia
  • Television series and films licensed by 19 Entertainment that have significant relation to Idol
  • Idol contestants, finalists, winners, judges, and hosts
  • Singles debuted on an Idol show
  • Albums and core singles debuted by an Idol winner, finalist, or contestant (not every song will fall under this scope)
  • Bands, musical groups, musicals, movies, and shows significantly involving Idol alumni


Biographies of contestants[edit]

For contestants, it has been decided that only finalists should qualify for their own article based on their participation in the show. Semi-finalists who are not otherwise notable are redirected to their season's article.

  • Lead section - Brief and to the point: Full name, birth date, and birth place (if applicable, include nickname(s) and hometown if different from place of birth). Should probably contain information about the Idol show that they participated in, as well as the season, and year that it happened.
  • Biography
    • Early years - The person's career and life before the show.
    • x Idol - The person's persona and career during the show.
    • Post-Idol - Events that happened after the show. Section should be titled according to the title of the album released, unless there is no album available.
  • Discography - If applicable, information on CDs, DVDs, video, singles.
  • Filmography - If applicable, information on movies and other television shows.
  • List of performances - include song name, original artist, date the performance aired, and if applicable, a brief summary of judges' statements. For longer lists, {{hidden begin}} is recommended and splitting of the article is discouraged.
  • References
  • External links


Only albums released on a major record label, or which have a significant amount of sales and/or promotion, will have their own articles. This is in accordance with Wikipedia:WikiProject Albums and WP:MUSIC. Any others will be merged with the musical artist regardless of the contestant's place in the competition.


As with above, major and core singles will have their own articles. Individual songs will be merged with either the album or the musical artist.

Retail store lists (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, and Wal-Mart) will not be referenced in any article or included in a 'chart performance' history as they are not real music charts.


A list of episodes was recently created for American Idol. It is intended to replace lists of performances. All episodes will be listed on the main episodes page, and individual pages will be created for performance shows (that follows a consistent format of naming).

In order to make this happen, all records of performances must be kept on the biographies, and do not create any more pages such as 'list of Taylor Hicks' performances on American Idol'. After the transition, these lists can be removed.

Open tasks[edit]

These articles are currently in progress [or in-season]:


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. ArglebargleIV -- Formatting and references; American, Canadian, Australian, Pop Idol
  2. ATC - Anything to do with American Idol
  3. Audsley - American Idol related
  4. Cleo20 - American Idol related
  5. CrazyC83
  6. DocOfSoc-Idol guys of interest
  7. Eukesh -Indian Idol related
  8. Facha93 - Contestants biographys and discographys, also album covers.
  9. Glambert4688 - Adam Lambert! Fan till the day I die. :)
  10. Greekboy - Greek Idol and related Greek music projects
  11. Gwynand
  12. íslenskur fellibylur #12 (samtal) 19:22, 16 December 2006 (UTC)
  13. J Di
  14. Jocullen84 - David Cook or Michael Johns related
  15. Julz the wizkid
  16. KC109- American Idol
  17. ladymadonna512 - David Cook, general American Idol sales/chart history
  18. Lauracs - Disambiguating song titles and artists
  19. Lazylaces - Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, American Idol in general.
  20. MarkMc1990 - American Idol (primarily elimination charts)
  21. Michael
  22. MissMJ - American Idol related
  23. NicolaMTaylor Hicks, American Idol series, et al.
  24. Oxford88
  25. Panic!out - American Idol...I luv David Cook!
  26. User:Pat21539
  27. Pink moon 1287 - American
  28. RaNdOm26 11:25, 6 March 2007 (UTC) - Australian and American Idol
  29. SDJ - American Idol, and any contestants that could be stylistically classified as "rock", as well as articles related to these contestants.
  30. Seth71 -American Idol
  31. Star C Zamora - Philippine Idol-related
  32. Tennis Dynamite - American Idol
  33. Tedius Zanarukando - Chikezie, Jasmine Murray, Jacob Lusk, Jessica Sanchez, American Idol in general.
  34. Traveliter – Copy editing for style and consistency; American Idol
  35. Va girl2468 - American / Canadian Idol
  36. WestJet- Canadian/American/World Idol
  37. Woohookitty - American Idol related
  38. RyannnMaccc - American Idol related
  39. Qjtv2911 – American Idol related
  40. Ggdlmnt - American Idol, Indonesian Idol, World Idol and Asian Idol related
  41. Mar4d - Pakistan Idol related articles
  42. BabbaQ (talk) 07:20, 27 August 2016 (UTC) - Swedish Idol related articles


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