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Taylor Hicks performing on the American Idol results show of May 17.

This is a list of Taylor Hicks' performances on American Idol.



  • Week 1: "Levon" (Elton John)
    • The judges enjoyed the performance. Jackson and Abdul agreed that there never was a performer like Hicks in the history of American Idol. Cowell took back what he said to Hicks during the audition by stating that he was wrong about saying that Hicks would never make it to the finals, states that Hicks is interesting, and that he received more compliments from people outside the show about him than any of the other contestants.
  • Week 2: "Easy" (The Commodores)
    • The judges did not like the song choice. Jackson said that Hicks probably sang the song a lot when he was coming up in bars, but he thought it could have been better. Abdul was complimentary, but said it was not her favorite performance from Hicks. Cowell thought that if Hicks would go back and watch the show, he would have no doubt in his mind that the performance was "average."
  • Week 3: "Takin' It to the Streets" (The Doobie Brothers)
    • The judges loved this performance — Jackson said it was not his favorite song from Hicks, but he was trying to comprehend his dance moves onstage. Abdul said that the song was great and loved the energy and dancing. Cowell "loved the song" and said that "that's what its all about— having fun and being memorable." Cowell also said it was the best performance of the night.


  • Week 1: "Living for the City" (Stevie Wonder) Stevie Wonder's songs
    • Jackson said that it was "hot" and "fearless." Abdul praised Hicks and said that she wanted to "steal his dance moves for her next video." Cowell almost complimented Hicks, saying that he "is like every father who's ever gotten drunk at a wedding and started to sing" before adding, "The difference is, you can sing." Stevie Wonder mentioned that Taylor has music in his soul.
  • Week 2: "Not Fade Away" (Buddy Holly) Songs of the '50s
    • Mixed reviews. Jackson wished that Hicks would have showed off a bit more vocal range. Abdul, like the week before, loved his dancing and enthusiasm, but Cowell argued that the show is about singing and said that even Hicks had to admit that "it was a complete and utter mess."
    • Barry Manilow complimented Hicks on being one of the best vocalists on the competition, pointing out his distinct whiskey tenor.
  • Week 3: "Trouble" (Ray LaMontagne) Songs of the 21st Century
    • Jackson thought Hicks almost had a big moment at the end, and was upset that he didn't take more of a risk with his song choice. Abdul enjoyed his performance a lot, particularly for the fact that Hicks showed a different side, without relying on frenetic dance moves. Cowell "rather liked the song" and thought it was an "excellent vocal," but did not like the way Hicks dressed, calling the outfit and image "too Clay Aiken."
  • Week 4: "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (John Denver) Country songs
    • The judges gave mixed reviews. Jackson thought the performance didn't show off Hicks's vocal skill. Abdul admitted that she loved Hicks and that she is a fan. Cowell described it as "safe, boring, and lazy" and wondered if Hicks chose the song just a few minutes before the show.
  • Week 5: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (Queen) Queen songs
    • Jackson described this performance as Hicks's revival, Abdul considered it a great performance and said she didn't know whether to have Hicks sign a record deal or be fitted for a straitjacket. During the performance, Hicks tried to kick over the mic stand while taking the microphone off, and missed. He then kicked some more and finally knocked it over. Cowell asked if Taylor was drunk and said the performance was ridiculous. Entertainment Tonight later reported that Hicks took offense to Cowell's remarks.
  • Week 6: "You Send Me" (Sam Cooke) Songs from The Great American Songbook
    • The judges universally praised Hicks, with Jackson stating that the performance was "hot" and that Hicks was "in his element." Abdul said that "Sam Cooke would have been proud" and that the ending was "superb." Cowell described the beginning as "lame cabaret," but the end of the song as "magic."
  • Week 7: "Just Once" (James Ingram) The Greatest Love Songs of All Time
    • Jackson said it was the wrong song choice and believed it was too karaoke. Abdul enjoyed it and said it was the perfect song. Cowell said the performance would be "played every day of the week in a hotel lounge." In a radio interview, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe defended Hicks by admitting he had to change his song choice from Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness", saying it didn't fit the week's genre. Producer David Foster said Hicks had charisma and Andrea Bocelli said he had an extraordinary voice.
  • Week 8: "Play That Funky Music" (Wild Cherry) Songs from the birth year of the contestants, "Something" (The Beatles) Songs from the top ten of any Billboard Chart.
    • 1st song: Jackson loved the performance and said he felt like he was at a bar and "had a couple." Abdul also loved it and thought Hicks dressed the part, it was fun and the "authentic Taylor we love." Cowell thought it was like another "horrible wedding performance."
    • 2nd song: Although the song is more than thirty-five years old, it is included in the Beatles album 1 which was in the top 10 of the Billboard pop catalogue charts. The judges were surprised at the song choice, believing it was daring and clever. All the judges loved the performance. Cowell also said that, in all of Hicks's balminess, it's easy to forget he is a "very, very good singer."
  • Week 9 Two of Elvis Presley's songs
    • 1st song: "Jailhouse Rock", (Elvis Presley)
      • Jackson said Hicks was "in his element" and did a good job overall. Abdul said Hicks looked fantastic and liked the performance. Cowell said it was a "terrible impersonation of Elvis Presley," the dancing was hideous, and the performance was "Karaoke with a capital K."
    • 2nd song: "In the Ghetto", (Elvis Presley)
      • Jackson said it was the perfect key for him. Abdul said Hicks was great. Cowell said "you just sang your way into the semi-finals."
    • In Week 9, special guest Rebecca Romijn asked Hicks to sing Jailhouse Rock for her, which he did. He ended up in the top two along with Elliott Yamin. Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry were in the bottom two. Daughtry was the one who was eliminated.
  • Week 10 Three songs
    • Clive Davis pick (after Davis personally got permission from Springsteen to use it): "Dancing in the Dark", (Bruce Springsteen)
      • Jackson said he loved Hicks having fun and liked the performance. Abdul said she loved him dancing with her. Cowell thought it was okay although it wasn't as good as the original.
    • Judge's pick: (Randy Jackson)- "You Are So Beautiful", (Joe Cocker)
      • All three judges agreed Hicks was dead on, in his best performance so far.
    • Contestant Pick: "Try A Little Tenderness", (Otis Redding)
      • Jackson dubbed Hicks the "Have a Good Time Funky Taylor," and loved his performance. Abdul said she'd waited all season for that performance and it was fantastic. Cowell said the performance was great, the ending was hideous, but told Hicks he would "see [him] next Tuesday." Hicks made it to the final two, alongside Katharine McPhee.
  • Week 11 Finale
    • Hicks' first song was "Living for the City" (Stevie Wonder).
      • Jackson said it was "hot." Abdul agreed. Cowell said that Hicks had outsung McPhee in the first round.
    • The second song was "Levon" (Elton John)
      • Jackson said the performance was "pitchy"; Cowell called it "round one Taylor, round two Katharine."
    • Hicks' final song was an original single called "Do I Make You Proud".
      • All three judges loved it; Cowell said that assuming the show was tied, Hicks had won American Idol with that performance.
  • Week 11 Results