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India Loves Wikipedia is an effort to get pictures for India-related articles on Wikipedia, inspired by Britain Loves Wikipedia.There are many India-related articles that need photographs. It's a shame that the majority of articles related to a 1-billion strong population lack photographs!

You can help us contributing articles about your place of residence, your school/college/alma mater, your workplace, your cuisine... the list is endless!

TODO: Before we launch[edit]

How do we reach out to people?[edit]

  • Competition that involves school kids (something in the lines of Hindu Young World Painting Competion[1])?
  • Sending out posters to colleges (Symposiums , Talent hunts by Microsoft, IBM uses this way) ?

How do we organize it?[edit]

This page[edit]

  • Add guidelines to make sure people understand what kind of photographs we want (encyclopedic, free license etc.), otherwise people will end up contributing images of their friends and pets.
  • Make sure people understand that Wikipedia is a collaboratively-edited site, and the photos contributed by them might removed from an article in favor better images, if other editors wish so.
  • Find a mechanism to keep track of photographs added via this initiative (category?).

How to participate?[edit]

You can contribute photographs related to any India-related article.Here are some ideas to begin with:

  • Do you live in Jayanagar, Bangalore? The article doesn't have a photograph (as of 4 February 2010). Why not add an article about your place of residence (locality, city, village, town etc.)?
  • Does you city have a historical monument such as Shaniwarwada? You can photograph it & add it to Wikimedia Commons!
  • Are you planning to visit Kullu for the famous Kullu Dussehra? Get us some photographs of the tourist places you are visiting!
  • Did you have Dal Baati for lunch today? The articles on Indian cuisine need photographs!
  • Are you going to see Usha Thorat at a banking conference today? Are you going to a Falguni Pathak concert tonight? Why not click photographs of some famous Indian personalities for Wikipedia?
  • Are you an employee of the Indian Express Group? We wish we had a photograph of your workplace!
  • Are you a student of Architecture or a practicing Architect? We want to end those empty pages in Indian Architectural articles category. Imagine having a stub for something as important as the National Association of Students of Architecture !!!
  • Click a snap of National Highway or state Highway - promoted by WP:INR
  • Share a snap of your University -- Do you study at Kuvempu University? Make the article look pretty with stunning pics of your college/university campus? --- promoted by WP:INEI

Uploading Photographs[edit]

But, remember![edit]

  • Don't lift images from the net! Contribute an image clicked by you one whose copyright you own.
  • You need to release your image under a free license. We don't want watermarked images!
  • We want pictures suitable for an encyclopedia. A picture of India Gate is suitable for Wikipedia, but a picture of your friends posing in front of it is not!

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