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Purpose: This sub-project is going to be used to easily mantain all articles under this project. The current de-facto list is the List of Indonesia-related topics article, but it is excessively large and difficult to mantain (edit/add/remove). Having all the articles into individual watchlist is also not practiceable. Here the list is split into different categories. In this case:

  • Anyone who wants to monitor specific category can simply click the corresponding recent changes link.
  • Mantaining (edit/add/recat) is easier.
  • Using inclusion template, all of the category lists can be added into one container list of all Indonesia-related articles.

If you want to add/edit/remove individual articles from the list, then please use one of the following. Clicking (recent changes) button will find all recent reversions in the list, including their talk pages.

  1. Core articles (recent changes)
  2. History articles (recent changes)
  3. Geography articles (recent changes)
  4. Administration articles (recent changes)
  5. Biography articles (recent changes)
  6. Structure articles (recent changes)
  7. Nature articles (recent changes)
  8. Culture articles (recent changes)
  9. Economy articles (recent changes)
  10. Politics articles (recent changes)
  11. Non-political organization articles (recent changes)

The following list contains all of the above lists. Please do not edit it. It serves only to monitor recent changes of all Indonesia-related topics.

Recent changes of all Indonesia-related topics