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Project news:

Welcome to the new-look Wikiproject Indonesia newsletter! It's been some months since the issue and there is much to report, including major article improvements. As has been noted, our Project page has been recently revamped with simpler design and easier navigation.

Indonesia blank map.svg

The Cartography section has been restarted and thanks to Bwmodular for his hard work in updating all blank maps. We now have a new standard provincial blank map and {{Location map}} template. We still need to create several higher resolution location maps for individual island groups.

Caniago has also created a to-do list. Please update them and help to create or expand our articles. We have also compiled several useful resources for our project. In attempt to centralize our discussion, we have created three places to discuss project-related topics, to announce new topics esp. for non-members and to discuss portal-related matters. Please use them effectively to engage lively discussion amongst us.

Welcome to our new members: Dimas Subagio, Borislee, Daimond, Calupict, Dhonnyh, Hello32020 and Ikage. We have now 29 active members.

New articles:

Article improvement:
  • New GA's:
  • Indonesia: many project members have contributed
  • Borobudur: now article quality is befitting of this wonder
  • Alfred Russell Wallace: one of the most fascinating figures in South East Asian history
  • Weh Island: volcano and ecological jewel.
  • Durian: the fruit that 'smells like hell, but tastes like heaven'
  • Komodo Dragon: the world's largest lizard.
General news:
  • A new development has been made in the Wikipedia space that WP:V and WP:NOR are now combined into WP:ATT (attribution).
  • A reminder about the name change of West Irian Jaya province into West Papua recently. It is not yet officially approved by the parliament, but when it does, we will have a lot of works to update.
Important notes:
  • When accessing articles related to Indonesia - please always check the discussion or talk page - to see that it has the {{WP Indonesia}} tag on that page
  • When accessing pages that appear to have had users not signing on the talk page or signs of any edit war, please add the {{talk header}} tag as a gentle reminder
  • When finding articles of dubious content, questionable POV, or other issues , please always alert fellow editors at WP Indonesia noticeboard so that we all can see the article with the problem.
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