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This is a collection of Industrial design related articles, created or still redlink.
Please list all articles in the name of the article including bracketed text.
This article list could be incomplete. Please help adding to it.


This aims to be a complete article list of Industrial design topics existing in Wikipedia:

  • Therefore, only new articles and existing articles recently categorized in an Industrial design sub-category should be added here;
  • Also, red links (deleted articles) can be removed, as can be articles recategorized outside of ID scope;
  • Non-existing articles should be listed in Wikipedia:WikiProject_Industrial_design/List_of_article_requests, not here.

Note: the base list was created with the 8 following CatScans from December 2009 (so there may be doubles):

Article requests[edit]

Articles for deletion[edit]

Recent changes to Industrial design-related articles[edit]

Recent changes in various articles within the scope of this project (not comprehensive):

  • Recent changes in articles related to Industrial design
  • New articles
  • Article alerts (bot filing Proposed deletion, Articles for deletion, Featured article reviews, Good article nominations, Good article reassessment, Peer review, Requested moves, News, etc.)