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WikiProject Intertranswiki
translating content from foreign language wikipedias

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Welcome to WikiProject Intertranswiki, a collaborative effort to improve Wikipedia by importing and translating content from foreign language Wikipedias. The aim of the project is to draw up a full directory of missing content from other wikipedias by language organised by topic and sub topic as well as tag existing articles which need major translation from the other language equivalent and begin to work towards creating the article or improving an existing article. Once the directory is drawn up the project is intended to work towards starting the missing articles and where possible combine inter-wiki translation with reliable sources elsewhere. The idea is that the work groups collaborate with the relative wikiprojects to decide upon notability and suitability of transwikied content and to avoid the transferring of bad material and to always support translated material by finding reliable sources when it is started. An excellent way to approach the transferring of content and addressing systematic bias on here is to pick a topic, say for example French chateaux, on the Intertranswiki French/Buildings page we start a section "Chateaux", and pick a region, and then ransack the category on French wikipedia and identify the red links and then aim to ensure that the categories match as much as possible between other wikis and that no articles are missing.

Please note that this isn't just geared towards translating existing articles. It is very much an extension of Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles and a way to generate interest in creating missing content. In the stub focus highlight, every few there will be missing articles even without articles on other wikis put up on a broad range of subjects to hopefully generate more interest and participation. If you're sympathetic to what we're doing and think you would enjoy working towards 10 articles on a given topic you're also welcome to join and make suggestions and become involved.

Related WikiProjects[edit]

This WikiProject is dedicated to importing content from foreign language Wikipedias. For the WikiProject dedicated to the transwiki process in general (particularly out going material), see Wikipedia:WikiProject Transwiki. For Wikipedia translation combined with language learning, see Wikipedia:Wikiproject Cross-language Editing and Learning Exchange.

If you are interested in translation as a topic, please visit Wikipedia:WikiProject Translation studies.

Licensing and sourcing[edit]

In a nutshell, if you copy or translate material from other Wikimedia projects, you have to attribute it to not violate the CC-by-SA license. At minimum, this requires a linked edit summary to the source of the content. Content re-users should also consider leaving a note at the talk page, typically using {{translated|<language>|<original title>}}.

See WP:Copying within Wikipedia for more information how to attribute the original content, and WP:Requests for page importation to import revisions from selected other Wikimedia projects.

Be careful when translating a significant amount of unsourced material from other wikipedias, particularly Spanish wikipedia, which is fairly notorious for copying and pasting. Sometimes you'll find that self-published books will have translated or copied material from various wikipedias. These mirror sources are to be avoided when trying to source translated content. Beware of sources by "Emereo Publishing", "Mobile Reference" and sources which state xxx facts "Everything you need to know", such as "The xxx (actor) Handbook". Also, technically imdb is not considered a reliable source in general on here as it's a user-generated site. It is typically consulted but not sourced on here. For film, where possible try to search the title/actor in google books and you can quickly draw up citations here, as you can in general other research.

Stub Focus of the Month[edit]

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Since May 2015, there has been a goal to create a number of stubs on different topics, as many as we can reasonably manage without feeling pressured. Please list no more than 10 articles for each topic to ease the workload for editors. If you should feel like creating more than that for a given topic, please do so, but only list it once you've started it and denote it as "extra". The idea will be mainly to address systematic bias, to help improve coverage of content on a poorly covered area by stubbing articles from other wikipedias or from a poorly covered country/topic in general. The different topics of focus may vary wildly, from a range of different languages, so should keep it interesting for editors, who can choose to skip one topic and move onto the next. Often there will be missing women biographical articles running in conjunction with WP:Women in Red. As you'd expect though, there could be more from German, Spanish and French wikipedia than other languages given the available language skills of active participants, but we can try to cover lots of languages and request assistance from elsewhere if needs be. After the month it will then be archived (see the top of the nav bar on the right) and a new batch listed, so we can monitor progress over time.

Round 1: Anatolian Antiquities[edit]

Round 2: Potted biographies[edit]


Round 3: Religious establishments[edit]

  1. Bursfelde Abbey (expansion)


Expansion focus[edit]

Dictionary of National Biography articles[edit]

See the public domain article texts from the Dictionary of National Biography and further missing entries at WikiSource. People are advised to exercise caution with the old texts though and rewrite in their own words using the updated Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Bach Cantata site articles[edit]

See more at Missing articles:Bach Cantatas site

Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie[edit]

See [Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie] for background and detailed info on related German Wikipedia project. Many ADB subjects already have entries in English Wikipedia: these ones (based on a cursory skim) do not. But they do all have a Wikipedia entry in another language and, as far as I can make out, enough cited source / info in the ADB for a reasonable biographical wiki summary in English. Plenty more where these come from ...
  1. Gerhard Chorus [nl] 1285-1367 civic leader Aachen [ADB]
  2. Johann Daniel Elster 1796-1857 musician [ADB]
  3. Josef Horlenius [de] (?1460-1521) philosopher poet [ADB]
  4. Hans Frischmuth [de] ? - >1542 Halle book printer [ADB]
  5. Karl Erhard von Kalnein [de] Prussian soldier [ADB]
  6. Johann Friedrich Kleuker Theologian [ADB]
  7. Daniel Lagus [de] nat hist [ADB]

Recent deaths[edit]

Recently died people having an article on another Wikipedia:



  1. ^ Bakersfield composer with national reputation dies
  2. ^ RIVERSIDE Guitarist PIOTR GRUDZINSKI Dead At 40
  3. ^ Zemřel skladatel Zdeněk Marat, napsal hit Přejdi Jordán i hudbu k Básníkům (in Czech)
  4. ^ Musikeren Ole Erling er død 77 år gammel (in Danish)
  5. ^ Sète le scuplteur Pierre Nocca est décédé à l'âge de 99 ans (in French)
  6. ^ Andrejčáková, Eva (15 March 2018). "Oleg Pastier zakódoval, že človek človeku nesiaha na slobodu". Retrieved 27 March 2018.

ill links from recently translated articles[edit]

Sub groups[edit]

Articles to be translated by language wikipedia:


Translation assistance[edit]

General missing article lists[edit]



Please sign your name here as part of the overall project and also add your name to the sub language page for whatever language you are interested in translating articles from. Example

Interested associates[edit]

  • User:John Carter - I regret to say that I have minimal translation skills myself, but am willing to offer what help I can
  • User:Ser Amantio di Nicolao
  • User:Acroterion I don't have the time required to do translations, but I'd be happy to do imports as needed to sandboxes.
  • User:ThaddeusB - My only previous involvement was an offer to possibly do something with bots - generating stats for this project or copying content; I would be willing to revisit either idea
  • User:Yakikaki - A strong supporter of the project but not a project-person myself
  • User:Vejlenser - I like the project and do translations sometimes, but don't have the time to sign up as a formal member
  • User:Narky Blert - A strong supporter of the idea, so I suppose I should sign up. I spend most of my time fixing bad links to DAB pages (and while doing so have created {{ill}} links to more languages than you would believe), but have also translated (usually with extra info and citations) complete articles from Dutch, German and Italian. Should I find something interesting, I'd be prepared to have a go at anything in Germanic, Greek, Romance or Slavic languages. 2 August 2017.
  • User:Khoele-I am not good as a translator but I am willing to help with some South Sotho translation
  • User:Caracal-eyes - I am not all that dedicated, but I have/am currently working on expanding Japanese-mythology-related articles with translations from Japanese. I might give Spanish-to-English a try as well.
  • User:Spinster300 - Happy to help in anyway I can, including non-priority translations and backlogs.


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