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If a word or phrase has been tagged with the "gaeilge needed" ({{gaeilge}}), it means that an editor has requested that an Irish language version of the word or phrase be supplied. In many cases, such a request will be for a place name but it may also be for personal names (particularly historical) or particular phrases.

A full list of pages requiring Irish-language translations can be seen here.

Place names[edit]

You can help by adding Irish language place names using the following template:

  1. If the place name is in English, and you know the Irish-language version and its meaning:
  • '''Castlebar''' ({{Irish place name|Caisleán an Bharraigh|castle of the Barry family}}) ...
  1. If the place name is in English, and you know Irish-language version only:
  • '''Castlebar''' ({{Irish place name|Caisleán an Bharraigh}}) ...

If you do not provide a meaning for the Irish-language place name, the article will be automatically added to a list of articles with untranslated Irish place names.

Other words/phrases[edit]

Other words or phrases can be given using the standard "lang-xx" template:

  • Code: "The '''Phoenix Park''' ({{lang-ga|Páirc an Fhionn-Uisce}}) ..."
  • Result: The Phoenix Park (Irish: Páirc an Fhionn-Uisce) ...

Alternatively, the "derive" template may also be used were appropriate:

  • Code: ... clan ({{etymology|ga|clann|offspring}}) ...
  • Result: ... clan (from Irish clann, meaning 'offspring') ...

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