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Welcome to the Irish Music WikiProject!

As a new member of this project, you can:

  • Contribute with the improvement of several existing Irish music articles as well as create others which still do not exist; and
  • Suggest new ideas and discuss relevant topics about the project's line of work at the discussion page.
Adding {{User Wikiproject Irish Music}} to your user page will insert the userbox on the right, and will automatically list you in Category:WikiProject Irish music members.
Britannica Harp Irish Harp.png This user is a member of WikiProject Irish music.

Sheodred Interested in all the aspects of Irish music, mostly an avid Irish fan and supporter of its folk music. Also an enthusiast for Irish documentaries on music and heritage. Sheodred (talk) 17:24, 31 July 2012 (UTC)
Footyfanatic3000 (talk · contribs)
An3pologist (talk · contribs) I'm new here and would like to help out. I am very interested in Irish traditional music, especially the live pub session scene in the western counties.
Scolaire (talk · contribs) I'd like to get involved, but you might have to nag me ;-)
Candlewicke (talk · contribs) I do this all the time anyway... I won't need to be nagged. ;-)
RavensFists (talk · contribs) Am willing to help out on articles, mainly through copy editing and restructing/rewriting of articles, just leave a message on my userpage.
NaLaochra (founder) Into the modern scene, thought the coverage of some Irish artists on here was fairly weak so decided to give this a go.
Kaini This ought to be interesting, my first time working with a wikiproject. i think a small infobox for user pages is in order too. i'll get to it...
Philbo84 16:50, 15 September 2006 (UTC) Interested in the modern Irish music scene from international bands right down to local city bands.
Craig Stuntz I only tend to work on traditional music; I have little interest in pop, rock, etc.
TheDecline I'll add things from time to time when ive had a good think about them.
Gramscis cousin I've only had time to add some stuff but will try to add more. Interests all music.
Downunda Mostly interested in 70s, 80s and 90s rock. Will try to contribute where I can.
Airwave Hi, I have worked in Irish music (every type but mostly 'rock') for many years. This is a good idea. I will try to help out when I can.
ReverendG I've made a few album pages and plan to continue.
Irish rover I have made changes to a lot of the traditional, rock and others. I want to help more.
DoktorDec Mainly interested in the Irish rock music scene from the 1990's to present. I recently authored the article Juniper (band).
Seankieran I love Irish rock music. My favorite bands are: The Saw Doctors, The Pogues, and Black 47.
Joe Byrne I've done quite a lot of work on The Frames and created many of their album pages as well as creating Mark Geary and generally watching Irish music-related articles.
Cckkab I am interested in all aspects, and have been for many years. I am new however to the Irish music Wikipedia pages. I am astounded by the poor organisation and linking. "Music of Ireland" is far below the quality of some other countries. Dec 2007
Ogg I have created a few biographies of Irish folk musicians.
King Dumb Maybe can help a bit...
Hohenloh I just found this. I play a bit of Irish (and other) music so am interested. Have contributed mainly on trad/folk articles so far.
Fergananim Plan to add material on pre-18th century Irish music and musicains. Have made a start in the Early Music of Ireland section at Music of Ireland.
Mike Searson Interested in helping with Traditional Irish Music, particularly The Chieftains, The Dubliners, etc. My father is the musician with the same name as myself.
Night of the Big Wind Living on top of the Willie Clancy Summer School and around the corner of The Clare Festival of Traditional Singing, I have recently finally moved into music articles. Interest is mainly in the traditional Irish music and singing, performed by a generation that is moving into history.
Maunus Irish trad. I've begun to find sources for some Irish musicians such as Paul Brady and Garret Barry (piper). I'd like to do more. I also rewrote the article on Donegal fiddle tradition (as an IP editor) after it had degenerated.
Filastin Interested in Irish folk music, especially from the Ulster regions. Have created articles such as Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin and Dónal O'Connor and which to expand much more on trad music on Wikipedia.
pdebee On 22 July 2013, I began to re-structure and update the article on Andy Irvine (musician), which now has reference citations and wikilinks to other relevant WP articles. I intend to complete the task within the next few weeks, by which time I will update this entry with an 'end of job' date. With kind regards; Patrick. Pdebee (talk) 21:49, 13 August 2013 (UTC)
leahtwosaints I edit biographies of musicians. I would love to see expansion of articles that cover Irish artists who play rock, blues, and pop. Artists that come to mind include: Rory Gallagher, U2, Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison, Gerry McAvoy (formerly of Nine Below Zero) and Glen Hansard.
Aharrygill I create and edit articles on traditional and roots music. I play Irish dance music and Airs.
Aklein62 Joined the group, 1 Sep. 2014, have been writing here for a few weeks. I am German, and an expert on Irish classical music (seemingly the only one here?). Started by creating articles on 19th-century figures like P. Cogan, J.W. Glover, W. Guernsey, W.H. Kearns, J. O'Kelly, J. Robinson, R.P. Stewart. Also created the subsection "Composers of note" in the subsection "Classical music in Ireland" of the page "Music of Ireland." Also a lot of other small editings elsewhere.