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This is a task force of Wikipedia:WikiProject Islam.

Mission objectives[edit]

This is a project aimed at increasing the quality of the articles related to Islam and Controversy and its related articles, elevating the articles to "Good article" standard, and then all the way to "Featured article" standard. The appropriateness of this task force is currently under debate on the talk page.

Improvements can be made by:

  • Making sure all statements are sourced using the "<ref>source</ref>" model
  • Making sure the articles follow the given standards.

As of 6/11/2007, we have 0 articles at the "Good article" standard and 0 at the "Featured article" standard.

{{WikiProject Islam|Islam and Controversy=yes}} is added to the top of the talk pages of any articles relevant to this project. This will make them appear on the Category:WikiProject Islam and Controversy.


Proposals for new articles[edit]

Seems BBC did recognize her [1]--Sefringle 07:30, 10 February 2007 (UTC)


Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Islam and Controversy articles by quality statistics

Temporary articles (work in progress)[edit]

This section is for temporary articles until they can be transfered over as actual articles. This is so that articles in their infancy are not nominated for an AFD.

  • No temporary articles exist as of now

Proposed tasks[edit]

Reference Materials[edit]

Online resources[edit]

If you dont have access to books and journals in physical form, you can use Google's excellent easy-to-use resources, although some may not be reliable or appropriate for use on Wikipedia:

List of Articles[edit]

More topics can be added to the watchlist from the List of Islamic and Muslim related topics

Articles to be evaluated for NPOV[edit]

This list does not imply that an article currently has a POV issue. Articles in this list should be evaluated to ascertain whether they have POV issues or not.




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