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This is a task force of WikiProject Islam.

Mission objectives[edit]

To organise all mosque articles in a consistent fashion. More precisely:

  • Agree on a consistent format for mosque article titles.
  • Include basic info. on a mosque at the start of each mosque article (usually in a template - maybe infobox?). This has already been done for many mosque articles, but the task is by no means complete.
  • {{WikiProject Islam|class=|importance=|Mosques=yes}} is added to the top of the talk pages of any articles relevant to this project. This will make them appear on the Category:Mosques task force articles.

Top of my head generic tasks[edit]

  • Populate the subcategories of Category:Mosque-related articles by quality with all mosque related articles by adding the above talk page template.
  • Add basic info. templates to all mosque articles.
  • Update mosque categories.
  • Standardise mosque article titles (e.g. Masjid al-Haram and Al-Aqsa Mosque appear inconsistent); there may be issues here with the most common English term for any given mosque.
  • Create 'Mosques in ...(name of country)' templates for each country.
  • Add quality and importance notices on talk pages of all mosque articles (not just those which describe the mosque, but any article whose main content is about mosques - e.g. Siege of Lal Masjid); update the corresponding Mosque articles by quality table. See here for assistance.
  • Get a photo of each mosque for which there is an article - I know this isn't necessarily very easy.

Specific tasks[edit]

Page moves[edit]

  • Capitalise the m in mosque in the following:

Categories still to be analysed[edit]

Make sure that all articles in the following categories have WPISLAM tags in their talk pages:

Mosque by country templates[edit]

Although all countries may not have mosques (yet), the following are templates that potentially need to be created:

Templates needing updating:

Categories needed[edit]

Articles needed[edit]

Unresolved issues and standardisation[edit]

There are presently many inconsistencies in mosque articles, many concerning standardisation.

  • If not at the beginning of a sentence, should al- or Al- be used (as in al-Aqsa)?
  • Should all known mosques be listed or just the notable ones ? I prefer the former option, but I can see that articles on local, small mosques will probably be quite stubby.
  • Change name of Masjid-e-Aqsa (Not The Aqsa) - this one is an Ahmadiyyah mosque in Pakistan! - to something else ?

Membership and duties[edit]

Please list below your username with the usual four tildes and what you would like to help out with (e.g., adding basic info. templates to all Uzbekistan mosques, or updating a category).


A typical mosque article should (?) have the following information as an absolute minimum:

I recently created a specific infobox for mosques. Please check it out at Template:Infobox mosque and see if you want to use it to standardise all mosque pages. I've already implemented it into the Masjid al-Haram and London Central Mosque articles. --Yenemus (talk) 19:36, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
I think its better to keep the old one (Template:Infobox religious building) since its more flexible. If you change all the mosque pages over to this new template, you'd be doing alot of unnecessary work just for the 'Leadership' section, which in most cases you won't even be able to fill in. ~ Toushiro 「 話 」 04:58, 22 July 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for your reply, and I partly agree with you but I just think it needs some adjustments and is still a good idea. The religious building infobox is far too vague and it seems redundant to mention "Architectural type: mosque" and "Religious affilition: Islam" all the time when the word Mosque is in the page title. This is being discussed further at the talk page. --Yenemus (talk) 09:43, 22 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Place of mosque (city/town etc. + country) (geographic coordinates too).
  • Architecture (minarets, style etc.)

Assessment and Quality[edit]

Top High Mid Low None Total
Featured article FA 1 1
Featured list FL 0
A-Class article A 0
GA 1 1 1 3
B 1 3 13 7 24
C 2 8 12 14 36
Start 7 19 28 54
Stub 3 14 100 117
List 1 4 8 2 15
Assessed 5 28 58 87 0 354
Unassessed 1
Total 5 28 60 87 177 355

Categories checked[edit]

The following categories have been analysed to check that all mosque articles in that category have the WPISLAM tag on their talk pages. Please add to this list if ( :) ) and once you have checked. Please also update the Quality and Importance table above: