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This is a task force of Wikipedia:WikiProject Islam.

Mission objectives[edit]

This is a project aimed at increasing the quality of the articles related to the Muslim scholars of all fields and non-Muslim Islamic scholars, elevating the articles to "Good article" standard, and then all the way to "Featured article" standard. These articles should all be added to either the parent category or one of the subcategories of Category:Muslim scholars.

We do this by:

  • Making sure all statements are sourced using the "<ref>source</ref>" model
  • Making sure the articles follow the given standards.

As of 2015-02-24, we have 1 (one) articles at the "Good article" standard and 2 (two) at the "Featured article" standard.

{{WikiProject Islam|class=|importance=|Muslim-scholars=yes|Muslim-scholars-importance=}} is added to the top of the talk pages of any articles relevant to this project. Adding "|Muslim-scholars=yes" to the template will automatically add the article to the Category:Muslim scholars task force articles.


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Formerly recognized content[edit]

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Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team selections[edit]

The following articles have been selected for one or more release versions of wikipedia. Please help ensure that these articles remain of the highest possible quality.


Template:Infobox Muslim scholar[edit]

{{Infobox Muslim scholar
|honorific_prefix =
|name             =
|image            = 
|caption          = 
|title            =
|birth_name       = 
|birth_date       =
|birth_place      =
|death_date       =
|death_place      =
|death_cause      =
|resting_place    =
|other_names      =
|nationality      =
|ethnicity        =
|era              =
|region           = 
|occupation       =
|denomination     =
|jurisprudence    = 
|creed            = 
|movement         =
|main_interests   = 
|notable_ideas    =
|notable_works    =
|alma_mater       = 
|Sufi_order       =
|disciple_of      =
|awards           =
|influences       = 
|influenced       =
|module           = 
|website          =
|signature        =

To use this template, copy the text above to the top of the biography.

  • Notability, Name, Title, Birth and Death are compulsory; other fields, if left blank, will not appear in the Infobox;
  • Era, Image, Maddhab, school tradition main interests, notable idea, works, influences, influenced, Ethnicity and Region are optional parameter
  • Entries in Influences, Influenced, and works should be explained in the main text of one of the articles. Those that are not mentioned in the main text may be deleted.

To do[edit]

Other templates[edit]

  • {{Islam}} - Generic side bar for article pages.
  • {{Muslim scholars}} - Specific side bar for article pages.
  • {{Muslim scholars-##}} - A set of century by century (AH-based) side bar templates for article pages. Currently available:
  • {{WikiProject Islam|class=|importance=|Muslim-scholars=yes|Muslim-scholars-importance=}} - For use in talk pages.

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