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Welcome to the WikiProject Isle of Man! This group was formed to better organize articles on the Isle of Man in a spirit of cooperation.


This group includes within its scope all articles related to the Isle of Man, its geography, transportation, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on the Isle of Man in a fair and accurate manner. All of these articles should be contained within the Category:Isle of Man or one of its subcategories.

To do[edit]

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Nuvola apps kdmconfig.png Members[edit]

Lets do an article on the deeper meaning of the Triskelion and why Mann uses it -Lazarus

Please feel free to add your name in here.

Structure and navigation[edit]

  • Refine and maintain the List of basic Isle of Man topics, a key guide on Wikipedia to the Isle of Man as a subject. It serves as a table of contents, summary, and topic outline of coverage on the political entity the Isle of Man and is the most useful tool on Wikipedia for exploring and understanding fundamental material about the Isle of Man (and how it fits together) on Wikipedia. Its purpose is an important one: it simply enables readers to see at a glance how the subject of the Isle of Man is broken down, what the component topics are, and how they relate to each other - that is, how information on the Isle of Man is organized (here, and in the world-at-large). It is a site map and outline of knowledge that demystifies the subject known as the "Isle of Man". Because of its central role in the presentation of Wikipedia's coverage of this subject, it is very important to develop and maintain it to the highest level of quality: to help readers improve their conceptual awareness and understanding of the Isle of Man as well as find their way around this subject on Wikipedia. For examples of other pages in this set, see List of basic France topics, List of basic Thailand topics, List of basic Japan topics, List of basic Taiwan topics, and List of basic Iceland topics, all of which are currently completed to a higher level of quality than this page. In other words, it's getting its ass kicked: the List of basic Isle of Man topics is incomplete, needs your editing contributions, and is especially in need of maps and pictures!
  • Refine and maintain Category:Isle of Man and its subcategories.

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Article Date
Featured article star.svg Nigel Kneale 15 March 2007
Featured article star.svg Peter Heywood 10 January 2010

Good articles[edit]

Good articles (15)
Article Date
Symbol support vote.svg Manx Radio 7 July 2015
Symbol support vote.svg Haraldr Guðrøðarson 12 August 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Olaf the Black 4 August 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Old House of Keys 13 December 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Robert Henry Cain 3 November 2009
Symbol support vote.svg William Montagu, 1st Earl of Salisbury 5 June 2009
Symbol support vote.svg HMS Vindex (1915) 8 December 2011

Did You Know (DYK)s[edit]

Did you know articles (18)
Article Date
 William Gill (sea captain) 4 November 2014
 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games medal table 26 September 2011
 Bernard of Kilwinning 7 April 2008
 Bunscoill Ghaelgagh 10 January 2008
 Hall Caine 1 March 2007
 Castle Rushen 10 November 2008
 Beckii Cruel 19 February 2010
 External relations of the Isle of Man 25 May 2007
 Davy Knowles 17 November 2009
 Lǫgmaðr Guðrøðarson 26 April 2011
 Manx runestones 13 June 2008
 Old House of Keys 23 November 2011
 Derek Robinson 13 January 2011
 Battle of Ronaldsway 22 January 2008
 William Russell 11 April 2008
 Cornelius Smelt 15 November 2011
 Southern 100 20 November 2011
 HMS Vindex (1915) 3 November 2010
 Windmills in the Isle of Man 7 May 2008

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Article Date
Gnome globe current event.svg Mark Cavendish 26 September 2011
Gnome globe current event.svg Dan Kneen 5 June 2018

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Did you know

  • 02 Dec 2018 – Clare Faulds (talk · edit · hist) was nominated for DYK by Joseph2302 (t · c); see discussion: DYK that Clare Faulds, the first woman admitted to the Manx bar, has also been the Vicar General of Sodor and Man?

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